A helpful baby carrier comparison chart:

Beco, Boba, Ergobaby, Onya Baby, Baby Hawk…there are so many choices! We thought it might be helpful to post a handy baby carrier comparison chart so that you can look at different soft-structured carriers side-by-side:

Did we miss anyone? Are our measurements off? Comment below to let us know. We’re happy to update the chart with more information if you’d like to see it.

We hope you find this helpful.

Happy babywearing!

62 Responses to A helpful baby carrier comparison chart:

  1. Carolyn

    I’m pretty sure the Beco Gemini only goes up to 35 pounds (it’s one of the arguments a lot of people have for getting the Butterfly II, instead – it’ll be useful for longer).

    Could you include a column for if it can be used with newborns (or if you need to purchase an insert separately?)

    • Diana

      Thanks for the correction, Carolyn! And…new column added. :)

  2. Andrea

    I’d also love to know how a carrier works on mamas with different body types. I’m tiny, 5’2 and 104 pounds, and our Ergo is nearly too big for me.

  3. Diana

    Andrea: do the measurements in inches help you? The best way to really know if a carrier will fit you and feel comfortable is to try it on in person. If you take a look at Babywearing International’s website, you’ll see a list of babywearing groups. They all have lending libraries where you can try out different carriers for yourself. There are also many other local babywearing groups that have lending libraries of differing degrees. Check the sidebar above and you’ll see a link for our huge list of babywearing groups. There’s most likely one near you. Lastly, most carrier companies (including us) offer risk-free purchasing. If it doesn’t work, return it (in new condition) to get your money back. Hope that helps! :)

  4. Samantha Clinton

    How about the baby hawak Mai tai and the baby hawk o snap?? So wish I knew about the lending library before I ordered mine a few days ago :-( and this chart for that matter haha!! After days of doing my own comparing I went with the beco Gemini :) hopefully I like it!!

  5. Ashley

    It would be helpful to include some of the other popular buckle carriers like the Catbird Baby Pikkolo, Olives and Applesauce, etc.

    • Amanda

      I have the Gemini. Love it!

  6. Diana

    Ashley and Samantha – I’ll happily add the other brands, just have to research the measurements first. We’re keeping this list specific to soft-structured carriers, though, so mei tai carriers aren’t included.

  7. Bridget

    Thanks for sharing! It is very difficult to read however. Is there a way to make the print bigger? :)

    • Diana

      Thanks, Bridget. If you click on it once, then again once you see just the image, you’ll be able to zoom in a little more. Sorry it’s so small. It’s as large as I could make it within the confines of the space I had. :)

  8. Salina

    This is a wonderful tool! Thanks for creating and sharing it Onya Baby!

    • Diana

      You’re very welcome, Salina! We’re thrilled you find it helpful! Feel free to share it, print it, whatever you want to use it to your advantage. :)

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  11. Mandy

    Great overview! BTW: Manduca has a storage pocket for keys, or a (small/flat) purse, right above the extension-zipper. I used the Manduca for my newborn baby, with the (attached) baby insert.

    • Diana

      As we were informed by a retailer of Manduca, the most recent model no longer has a pocket. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment! :)

  12. Karen

    Thank you for this great chart.
    Just a small correction- the manduca does have a sleep hood…

    • Diana

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, Karen! And…thanks for the correction. :)

  13. Anne-Marie

    Stokke has a new baby carrier you might want to add. Is there another one out there that is $300, though? Yipes!

    • Diana

      Oh, you’re right, Anne-Marie! Will have to dig around to find all the measurements so that I can add it to the chart…regardless of price. ;) Thank you!

  14. Mandy Bentley

    Can you add the kinderpack??

  15. Rachel

    This chart is extremely helpful. A couple of other brands that would be great to add: Kinderpack, Bamberoo, Bloo Kangaroo, Two Mommas Designs, Dream Carrier, Tula, and the other Ergo baby models. It would also be helpful if you could add information on how far the padding in the shoulder straps extends.

    • Diana

      Thank you for taking the time to reply, Rachel! I’ll happily gather the data we’d need to update the chart and then post it. :)

      For both you and Mandy – Do you have a preference of which Kinderpack we should add?

      We’re thrilled that you find the chart helpful!

      Happy babywearing!

  16. helen

    yes, please add the specs for ergo sport!

  17. Mandy Bentley

    The kinderpack has an infant, standard and toddler option. Maybe just the standard? If not all? :)

    • Diana

      Thank you, Mandy, Helen, Amanda, Rachel! We have some updating to do on this chart, for sure! We’ll get more SSCs added ( Kinderpack, Bamberoo, Bloo Kangaroo, Two Mommas Designs, Dream Carrier, Tula, and the other Ergo baby models) as soon as we get the chance to gather all the information we need for measurements. Hopefully, we can find strap padding length information too! We’ll do our best to make it the most complete and helpful chart for you as we can. :)

  18. Amanda

    This chart is awesome! My only suggestion — I wish that it had strap lengths listed (the padded portion, as well as the overall strap length, or minimum/maximum range) because I have a tall DH and that is the hardest part to fit for him!

  19. Emily Strange

    Fab chart! Can you add details for both the Tula Baby & Tula Toddler carriers, please? Also, maybe a larger version available for download might be useful? Thanks!

  20. Emily Strange

    Please ignore my above comment re:- Tula – I can see it has already been suggested ;)

  21. Amy J

    I love this chart and recommend it often :) Can’t wait for the updates.

    • Diana

      Thank you, Amy! I’ve been meaning to get those updates on there for awhile! So sorry for the wait. Will be working on it in the next several weeks. Happy babywearing! :)

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  24. Kira =]

    Could you add the Babies Beyond Borders buckle carriers? I have a toddler one and wondering how it compares.

  25. Brittany

    There is a relatively newer option out there now called the Pognae. I was curious as to how it stacks up against the rest as well. :)

  26. Melissa

    Hi! This is a great chart, thank you so much for creating it. I agree with adding the Tula carriers as mentioned above and perhaps also Wompat and Jumpsac Orbit? :)

  27. Valerie

    Could you add Ergo to this chart?

  28. Valerie

    Disregard last comment. Just saw it.

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  30. cbhershey

    Could you please get measurements for the following carriers?

    Tula Standard
    Ergo Performance

    Thanks for creating this phenomenal chart!!!!

    • Diana

      Yes, we’ll get those on here! Thank you so much and happy babywearing!

  31. sarah t

    i have an ergo performance. i don’t know if that helps but i could get measurements. :)

    • Diana

      Thank you, Sarah, that would be very helpful! :)
      Happy babywearing!

  32. Valerie

    Is it possible to add the information for the Tula (toddler) and Kinderpack (toddler)?

  33. Brittany

    I’d love you to put Babies Beyond Boarders (baby) carrier and (toddler carrier) on here!http://babiesbeyondborders.com/catalog.php?keyword=&cond=advand&category=22

  34. Faith

    Can you add Pognae? I would love to see how it compares to the other SSCs.

  35. Jessica

    You should add the Beco Soliel!

    • Diana

      Thanks Jessica! It’s a very new product. We’ll do our best to get the accurate measurements up for the Soliel. Happy babywearing!

  36. Product measurements:

    • Panel: 15.5″ tall & 14.5″ wide
    • Hip belt: 8″ length
    • Weight of the carrier – 2 lbs
    • Shoulder straps:

    The padded part of strap, when not expanded, is 20″ and 23″ when expanded. The webbing attached to the strap is additional 29″ long. The toddler’s strap is 18″ and 21″ when expended. The webbing attached to the strap is also additional 29″ long.

    Benefits of Tula Carriers:

    • Newborn to toddler from 15 – 45 lbs

    width would be great info for knee to knee coverage too!

    • Diana

      Thanks, Cozy Up Baby. Happy babywearing! :)

  37. Jess

    My manduca has a sleeping hood. I just got it too

    • Diana

      Thank you, Jess. We’re currently working on updating the chart and will change the box for Manduca so that it’s correct. Happy babywearing!

  38. Kathia Ocasio

    Hi! I love this chart! I would like to possibly see a column for water proof/resistant and if it’s good for water wearing, travel, and hot weather. For example, Boba Air and Ergo Stowaway roll up small for travel, and a new SSC, Bitybean, can be worn in the water, as well as rolls up. I’ve been desperately looking for an SSC that can be worn in the water and also one that is great for hot weather. I live in Texas and it’s pretty much hot all year. When it’s winter, than heaters become an issue. With the a Ergo performance, my baby and I get so hot! I ordered an Onya Outback, but now someone mentioned the cruiser is more breathable and less hot?? So as you can see, I think these would be helpful columns!;)

  39. Kass

    Hi, I’d like to see a comparison to the Tula Toddler Carrier. Can you please add the Tula? Thanks

  40. Kristine

    Do any of the BabyBjorn products fit into this category? How does the bjorn compare to these in terms of comfort etc? Thanks! We have a bjorn & considering getting an Onya, but wanted to compare.

    • DC

      Kristine, the BabyBjorn is a different type of carrier, with a narrow base. Most people find a carrier like the Onya that supports baby from knee to knee is more comfortable for the wearer and the baby! (See the Body Seat Width column above.) I think you will be quite happy to upgrade :)

  41. DC

    So awesome of you to do this chart, Diana & Onya. I’ve been thinking about an Onya for a while and I’m happy to say I’m even more impressed. Can’t wait to see KP, Tula, Orbit on this list.

  42. Parmis

    Hello and thank you for this informative and detailed chart. I’ve been thinking of purchasing the Cybext 2.go carrier for my newborn and would like to see it on this chart.

  43. shanu

    pls add lilliebaby carrier too.

  44. Katyo

    Love the comparisons! Do you also have info on the Moby wrap? And any concerns to share?

  45. Sita

    What about the Tula?

  46. Amy Higgins

    You missed tula and kinderpack

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