Babywearing Exercises at Nap Time

Babywearing Exercises at Nap Time

Guest post by Kelli Roschak, the creator of The Babywearing Workout, a 30-minute exercise video that you can do with your baby in the comfort of your own living room. All you need is your baby and a soft baby carrier, and you’ll have everything you need to get fit while keeping your baby right where she should be, on you. She’s teamed up with a number of great sponsors (including us here at Onya Baby) to invite and motivate you to join in her New Year’s Resolution Babywearing Workout Challenge. Today marks the first day of the challenge, which will run for ten weeks, ending on March 23, 2013. So, head on over and join the Facebook group if you’d like to get fit and wear your baby. Everyone wins!


When my darling girl was still tiny, aside from walking, I got the most exercise by babywearing her during nap time or at bed time. Instead of using a swing or rocker to help put her to sleep, I would put her into a mei tai on my front and get to work!
Below, I’ll share a few of the moves I would do. They’re the ones that felt the best for and seemed to put her to sleep the fastest:

  • The Torso Twist:

Put your feet shoulder width apart and bend your knees slightly.
Place your hands on your shoulders with your elbows up even with your shoulders.
Engage your stomach muscles and twist from left to right and back again.
Make sure you are keeping your hips stationary and all of the work is happening with your torso only. Keep at this for as long as you can or until your little one falls asleep. You can speed it up or slow it down based on what seems to work best for your own baby. If you want to take this to the next level you can even add a little bounce while you are doing it….that was usually the final KO for my girl!

Babywearing Workout 1Babywearing Workout

  • The Yoga Ball Bounce:

Sit straight up on your exercise ball with your feet flat on the floor at about 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock. Now bounce. But don’t just let gravity take over. Engage your core stomach muscles as well as your quads. Just use the ball more as a support. Sometimes I’d add a modified Torso Twist to each bounce to take it up a notch. Again, do this for as long as you can or until your little one is down for the count.

  • The Bouncing Mini Squat:

Put your knees shoulder width apart and bounce into mini squats. Don’t go down all the way, just what feels natural as a bounce. It should be soothing, not jostling, for your baby on your chest. Make sure your knees stay over your ankles so you don’t injure yourself. Now bounce, bounce, bounce until your legs are burning and you can’t take any more!

Babywearing Exercise Squat 2Babywearing exercise











Sometimes I’d rotate all of these moves throughout one nap or bed time routine, depending on how long it took for her to fall asleep.

Put on some soothing music, sing or hum to your baby while you are doing this and you’ll find that it’s really very enjoyable for the both of you.

You can do these exercises as much as 20 minutes, a couple of times per day, like I did. Depending on your little one’s age and how many naps they are taking a day, you will get yourself into great shape!


So tell us, will you join the challenge? There are lots of reasons for you to go ahead and sign up. You’ve got nothing but the bulge to lose and lots of great babywearing time to gain! So go on, mommas, get fit. Do it for yourself, do it for your baby.

Happy babywearing!

43 Responses to Babywearing Exercises at Nap Time

  1. Ginna

    This is a great work out for after carrying and caring for you new baby. My body felt completely foreign to me from conception to now, at almost 9 months postpartum. I’ve tried to get back in shape but nothing has stuck, even while breastfeeding. No matter the activity or diet my body would not let go of the weight. Until I started this a week ago my hips still felt like they were out of joint from pregnancy. This work out is gentle so you won’t get discouraged and as I do it I feel like everything is getting back in place. A bonus: if your baby doesn’t go to sleep while doing it, she will be very calm for a while afterwards if not go down for a nap easier.

  2. Sherry Aramini

    I love the concept and execution of this workout. Kelli and Kayla are super cute and fun to follow. My miss 21 months has joined in our carrier as well as next to me. She continues to do the mama bop, lunges and arm lifts all day long. I am excited to have a workout that includes my daughter that she can use to fuel a lifelong love of physical exercise. Parenting in a gentle, attached way including lots pf babywearing has been the biggest blessing to me and this workout fits us perfectly! I can’t say enough good things about it.

  3. Laura Leach

    I’m using TBWW to get back in shape in time for my PT test. I don’t need to loose weight (although a little wouldn’t hurt) but gain muscle and using my baby as the resistance is brilliant. :-)

  4. Melissa Godsey

    This workout is easily my favorite. I have about 15 pounds to lose to be at my ideal weight, and I am confidant I can do that during the ten week challenge. I feel that it’s simple enough to not be daunting, just intense enough to make me feel that satisfying burn and see results, and it really does put baby to sleep. Really! Even if I decide to do the BWW right after my seven month old wakes up from a lengthy nap, she will fall asleep by the end of the video. I am so happy to have found this workout. Thank you, Kelli!!

  5. Meghann Crider

    Kelli, I love this workout – being able to get fit while bonding with baby is so great! I hope to see some new exercises from you soon!

  6. Becky Worthman

    wah! I can’t get baby to sleep–I guess she gets caught up in my being energized by the workout?

  7. Shannon B

    I really like TBWW. It’s fun to do and DS loves the gentle motions, though my stubborn little boy hasn’t fallen asleep yet! My favorite move is the dancer’s mini squat, though I think my son likes the torso twists best. :) Definitely works up a good sweat!

  8. Kim Powers

    The mini squat combined with the mama bop seems to be the perfect combination for getting my little one to sleep. I shall have some incredibly strong quads, hamstrings and glutes in no time! Loving this workout :)

  9. Angela

    I only wish I tried these techniques sooner! We’ve done the workout a several times now and my 12 month old, who normally resists naps, falls asleep right on queue. Thank you!

  10. Amanda

    We do our workout before bed time and it calms baby down. Best bed time routine!

  11. Randee Pugh

    So far, so good! My baby loved doing the workout with me. She was relaxed and fell asleep in the middle of it. This is a great workout for me as my 3 1/2 month old is about 16 pounds!!

  12. Kelsey J

    I love this workout ! I wish I stumbled upon it sooner. My son is 9 months and loves being close to me, this is a perfect chance to get a good workout in and still snuggle!

  13. Shakeeta W

    I love this workout! I get to hold baby close and workout which automatically adds some weight training into it :)

  14. Amber

    Babywearing workout puts my little one right to sleep. Add a dozen flights of stairs (doing laundry) at the end and I’m all set!

  15. Sara Nelis

    I am just loving being able to workout with my little guy!!! Thank you!

  16. Jessica

    Kelli, I love your video! I had been looking for a way to exercise while wearing my LO I never thought the things I was already doing could be exercise by just engaging my core muscles. My LO loves it too and falls asleep every time before the warm ups are even over. I wear my baby most of the day and you have changed the way I move, I can’t wait to see those last few baby pounds melt away!

  17. Jessica Basol

    This was actually way more difficult than I thought it would be!

  18. Elisebet Freeburg-Lalisan

    Let me just say that squatting while wearing your baby burns waaay more than squatting alone! Good stuff!

  19. Tess

    The this workout. Easy short and fun

  20. Sura

    Baby always falls asleep during the workout

  21. Teri

    My little one and I are having so much fun working out together. He falls asleep at the same point each time and sleeps so soundly afterwards. I am on week 2 and I already feel my muscles returning!

  22. Nicolette KP

    I’m definitely going to get the yoga ball out. I never thought a little bouncing on that might put baby down to sleep while working my core! I’m really enjoying the Baby Wearing Workout; it’s simple yet effective in getting your heart rate up, and challenging those very important core muscles.

  23. Rachel Z

    Today was my first work out with Kelli and I LOVED it! My very fussy 7.5 week old was asleep after the first “mommy dance” and I felt great afterwards! I am inspired to go out and take a walk after my next work out! Who knows maybe in a few months we will be doing out first 5k! I am totally motivated! Thanks Kelli and Onya!

  24. Lacey P

    Love this workout! It’s just what I needed to get my confidence back! Thank you!

  25. Jessica Kraft

    I love this workout! Being able to workout without having to leave my LO and go to the gym is amazing!

  26. Yamile Yannini

    I love that I don’t have to leave the comfort of my own home to get a good workout and I especially love that I get to do it with my son!

  27. Vanessa N

    Genius! This concept is so intuitive.. Two things I have been overwhelmed by – my desire to get back in shape but lack of time for the gym, and my boys putting up fights every time I put them down for bed.. Both problems solved with the Babywearing Workout! The boys go to sleep easier and I get a workout- everybody’s happy. Just wish I had known of this sooner, passing this on to every new mom I know!

  28. michelle

    thanks Kelli! I learned a lot about baby wearing and we are both enjoying the workout!

  29. Heather

    I love this workout!!! Although my little man isn’t so little anymore and rarely falls asleep, I find it’s still easier to get a workout in while wearing him. He loves it and tries to do the arm movements along with me. :) Thanks Kelli!

  30. Krystin Rowley

    got any tips on keeping the yoga ball away from my bigger kids?? ;)

  31. Jennifer Pitkin

    I’m smaller than before getting pregnant thanks to breastfeeding, but am certainly not in shape. I need to workout, and I’m super excited to try it with my little man in a carrier!

  32. Bridget

    This workout is awesome mamas! Best way to get active and bond with your baby :)

  33. Lizzie

    I did this workout twice today, because my little guy didn’t pass out until right at the end of the first round. He’s a light sleeper so I just did it over again. My heart rate seemed to get up higher the second time and he stayed asleep until the end.

  34. Suzi

    My baby loves TBBW, and so does my 3 year old :)

  35. ari

    This workout is great because i don’t have to leave my baby and she works as extra weight. i love it!

  36. Kendra

    I’m so excited to do this workout! My baby doesn’t let me do anything if I’m not wearing him, so this will be a great way to shed some of my pregnancy weight and have a great time with my baby as well!

  37. Jill

    The workout is great! My 2.5 month old sleeps for 2 hours after I am done.

  38. Nicole Rhodes

    I love being able to get a quick workout in with my baby on me.

  39. Allison

    It’s hard work but I’m starting to see results from this workout and I love I can have my baby with me the while time!

  40. Diana

    We’re super thrilled that everyone loves Kelli’s awesome babywearing workout! She really does a great job doesn’t she? Go mommas, go!! Thank you all for taking the time to comment! Happy babywearing! :D

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  43. kanupriya

    Great workout…visit our site for yoga training

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