Get Active, Get Growing and Get Playing!

Awesome Earth Day giveaway!

Let Green Child Magazine and Onya Baby help you gear up for the great outdoors this Earth Day! Get out there!Everyone loves to talk about going green for Earth Day. Coloring books, worksheets, presentations, apps… Of course, they are part of an important and much-needed conversation. But too many times, it’s just that — TALK.   So, how does a child fall in love with nature? By spending time there. And that’s exactly what we’re encouraging you and your family to do this Earth Day. A picnic, nature walk, family games, gardening… whatever makes the great outdoors come to life for your family. Along with some fabulous eco-conscious companies, we are excited to see where Earth Day takes you this year! Enter to win one of three amazing prize packages to…

        • Get Active!

We are all about getting outdoors and getting active – especially with your littlest one in tow. This prize package features a Recycled NexStep Onya Baby Carrier with Organic Booster & Chewies Mixed, a case of KIND Healthy Grains Bars and a collection of PITS! from Taylor’s Pure & Natural in your choice of scent (2 PITS! & 2 PITS! Spray) – We love this stuff!

        • Get Growing!

Gardening is a wonderful way to share important life lessons with your child, and of course a great way to have healthy food! This prize package includes a Bee Friendly Seed set from Cubit’s Organics, a kid-friendly gardening kit from Green Toys, and a Sage Spoonfuls Glass Let’s Get Started kit, Glass Snack Pack, and a pack of Bamboo Spoons to help you make your very own, healthy baby food. Since you’ll be spending time outdoors this set also features Mosquitno SpotZzz courtesy of Green Team Distribution and a variety of safe sunscreens from Goddess Garden.

        • Get Playing!

Out of the house is the name of the game. This prize package features a lovely fishing rod set from Pure Play Kids that is perfect for playing alone or with a friend. It also includes a Tugboat, Sand Play Set, and Tractor from Green Toys. While playing outdoors, safety is key, you and your little one will be protected and hydrated with a lovely essential oil blend to keep the bugs away, courtesy of Old South Essentials, and a set of Eco Vessel water bottles from Eyla’s Imports—one for you and one for your sidekick! Let us know how you enjoy getting active with your little one by commenting and be sure to enter to win below!

Click here to enter here to win!

57 Responses to Get Active, Get Growing and Get Playing!

  1. Laura Hembree

    My kids love to spend all they can outside.

  2. Katy Emanuel

    We like to hike and garden as a family

  3. Megan

    We love to go to the park!

  4. Lauren Newsome

    We get out as much as possible whether it be digging in the dirt,jumping in puddles,collecting leaves, or trips to the zoo.

  5. Mary L

    Love gardening and exploring the outdoors and woods

  6. Jessie

    We go for walks every day to find new sticks, puddles, and rocks

  7. Jessie

    We go for walks every day to find new sticks, puddles, and rocks. We also love canoe trips!

  8. Maegan Washington

    We like to go to the park, fishing and hiking.

  9. Jen

    Honestly I’m not a huge outdoor person but I make an effort because I know it’s good for the soul! A nice simple walk, either in my neighborhood or the woods always does the trick.

  10. Heidi

    We are happiest outside, gardening, walking, biking, picnicking,and any other activity that means outdoor time!

  11. Erin Stewart

    My little is 6 weeks and love to be outside! We go for walks and when we are out and about with dad it’s a fight over who gets to wear baby! (I usually win)

  12. Jenny K

    We love hiking!

  13. Kellie

    We love spending time outside collecting leaves and talking about their colors. It fascinates my 19 month old!

  14. Kari Barone

    We love walking, running, with stroller or babywearing outdoors, while my oldest tries to outrun me.He likes to walk along the water most of all.We also like to play soccer as a family while I babywear my youngest.

  15. Heidi Stane

    We love going to the park!

  16. Heidi

    We love hiking and going to the park!

  17. RC @ Going Dad

    My daughter is only 5 months old, but I make it a point to bring her outside every day. It’s usually for an hour long walk with her in our Onya, but sometimes I’ll run with her in the B.O.B. stroller. Rain or shine, I want her to see the importance of getting out and being active!

  18. Heather ayers

    We love to go on play dates at the park.

  19. Briana Smith

    Living in the Mountians makes for daily outdoor adventures! Gardening, hiking, camping and just hanging out at the beach are our family’s favorite ways to spend our time together! We make everything a learning experience!

  20. Amanda Temple

    We live near the mountains and love to hike with our little guy!

  21. Lindsay

    We love to hike!

  22. Jenny

    We love talking walks and hikes!

  23. Holly Wells

    We love to take walks and go hiking!

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  25. Sarah Hayes

    i like to go for runs and hiking

  26. Leela R

    I like to go on walks and to swim with my little one.

  27. Tiffany W.

    We love to go walking.

  28. Sarah

    We get outside for walks or small hikes almost every day.

  29. Angela Rhodes Ingles

    We love doing yoga outside, kayaking, hiking, camping, going on picnics, etc.

  30. Stephanie Marcus

    We love going outside for walks and going to the park with my little ones.

  31. Keara B.

    Our favorite ways to enjoy the outdoors are hiking and downhill skiing! Biking is awesome too. :)

  32. Sheila Elrod

    We love the outdoors! We love going on hikes, husband rock climbs(while I watch) and we want to go camping this year :) It would be DD’s first time camping!

  33. christine k

    We love gardening, walking in the woods, and going to the park!

  34. sharon b

    we enjoy swimming in our pool. we also love to go camping and fishing. we are lucky to live where it is warm year around so we are always outside in the yard or at the park also.

  35. Laura Mcg

    We have been taking family walks every night after dinner and love it now that its getting warmer!

  36. Gabrielle

    We love hiking, gardening and going to the park.

  37. Kirby

    We love hiking!!

  38. Tannis W

    We like to go for walks, sit in the sunshine and go camping.

  39. jenn chic

    We’re looking forward to walking in the woods everyday with our baby. We love to have picnics and sleep in our treehouse.

  40. Laura

    We love to go camping as often as possible.

  41. Kayla Stutler

    I like to go hiking, especially in the mountains with pine trees and quite all around!

  42. Hannah VW

    We like gardening and camping.

  43. Raina Hood

    I love fishing! I also like camping.

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  45. Maria B

    I like walking outdoors!

  46. Krista

    We walk nearly everywhere we go!

  47. Tracy Dennison

    We hike as a family at lest once a week.

  48. One Southern Girl

    Going for walks… or swinging! ;)

  49. Jessica

    We like to wander the hiking trails in the hills behind our house!

  50. Holly Bailey

    I love taking my son outside to see, touch, and smell his world! I want him to have nature as a part of his everyday something that he loves! So we walk and play and explore outside every chance we get!

  51. Rebekah Drapeau

    I love taking picnics or going to the zoo with my little ones. Also if I am near some water it is a big plus. :)

  52. amanda w

    My little one isn’t born yet but I really hope he or she feels the same way as I do. I loved being outside and day dreaming and playing pretend as a kid. Also riding my bike. We will go to the playground often, I’m sure (it’s right next to our house!) and make sure the dog gets plenty of exercise.

  53. Alexis Enerson

    We like to garden and ride bikes together!

  54. LeeAnn Boggs

    I love being outside with my son. We take walks in the woods and go to see the horses. I love seeing his face light up when he’s outdoors. I’m really glad he enjoys it so much.

  55. Krystal Brown

    I like to take walks with little one in her wrap and the dog. When she’s older, we will do yard work and play in the woods behind our house. It’s sorta magical back there.

  56. Breanne

    I like to swim.

  57. Jessica Long

    we love skating and biking

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