Babywearing 101: SSC waist belt buckle tip

The elastic on the waist belt of your Onya is there to add security to your baby carrier, and we suggest that you ALWAYS use it. We also know it can get wavy with too much stretching, and can even be a bit of a nuisance. SO, here’s a tip to make it easier to thread the waist belt buckle on your Onya Baby carrier – or any baby carrier that has safety elastic on the waist belt.

Celebrating Spring with Hike it Baby and Onya

One of Onya Baby’s biggest motivations is helping families get outside with their babies easily by creating excellent and very supportive baby carriers, so when we heard about Hike it Baby, we just knew we’d be perfect partners!

Onya Baby loves Hike it Baby! We're both all about getting active and social, while being outdoors and in nature. Wear them Onya, into the woods.

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