Saturday Spotlight: Chiquita Baby: “leaving a little footprint”

This is the first in our new Saturday Spotlight series. We want to share a bit about the awesome retailers who carry Onya Baby carriers in their stores. There are some great women out there doing great things with their knowledge, time and talent.

This week: A shout-out to Chiquita Baby, an awesome store in Ottawa, ON, that stocks many wonderful babywearing, cloth-diapering, natural parenting items.

Anne Loucks is the owner. She’s savvy, smart, and she’s been cheering us on from the start. Sara Mackey, who works there and has been deeply involved with Chiquita Baby for the duration, was a huge help and awesome addition to our videos. She appears in all three of our How-To videos, demonstrating how to front carry (cross-strap), back carry (from sitting), and how to use an Onya Baby carrier on a chair. All of the other women who work at Chiquita Baby are knowledgeable, nice and really helpful.

If you’re local, swing by Chiquita Baby to take part in the carrier trial program – try out any baby carrier before you decide which one you want to buy. How cool is that? People are willing to drive to check out the great selection Chiquita Baby stocks in store.

If you’re too far to drive, check out their website to order online, read Anne’s interesting blog for some food for thought, or to check out their instructional videos about different products they carry in-store.

Thank you to all at Chiquita Baby for providing West-end Ottawa with a fabulous, natural-parenting shopping experience!


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