Now you can use your Onya Baby carrier comfortably with your baby from the beginning (with the use of the Baby Booster infant insert) and continue well into the toddler years.


Each ergonomic baby carrier offers a hidden seat, so as long as there is a chair with a back nearby, you'll never be caught without a seat for your little one again.

"x" strap

Low-profile straps can be worn in a cross on your back for more comfortable weight distribution accross your shoulders in front carry position.


Soft leg-padding are uniquely angled for extra comfort and best support for baby's legs in the ergonomically correct "spread-out" position.

pocket/toy loop

Large double entry side-zippered pocket to fit the essentials you need, even a diaper and wipes. Toy loops for toys and pacifiers, keep them in reach and safe from falling to the floor.


The lightweight Onya Baby Carrier folds up small to fit into a diaper bag, or for neat and tidy storage. Quick and easy.

there is a cruiser for everyone!

see our family of cruisers to fit your needs



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