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The Nexstep baby carrier


The Onya Baby NexStep is a revolution in materials. Constructed from 100% recycled brushed polyester twill fabric, with an Air-Mesh lining, it’s soft and breathable for your baby and easier on the planet. Now you can leave a lighter footprint for the next generation. Go, green baby, go! The NexStep offers a ton of features found only on Onya Baby carriers. To top it all off, each ergonomic baby carrier offers a hidden seat, so you’ll never be caught without a seat for your little one again, no matter where your day takes you. All you need is a chair, and baby’s got a safe seat.
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Available in Java (Shown) and Warm Sand.
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The Onya Baby Outback award-winning baby carrier

Onya Baby Outback

Whether you’re out with your child wandering the urban jungle or hiking with them in the hills, the Onya Baby Outback offers a new approach to the soft-structured carrier. A durable, water-resistant, rip-stop nylon exterior and air-mesh lining makes it perfect for hot weather or hiking the trails. Parent and child will stay cooler with the air-mesh lining, which wicks away moisture leaving you both comfortable. It can be worn as a front-pack or backpack, and comes with an integrated seat that will fit almost any chair – for when you’ve decided to take a break for lunch and the restaurant doesn’t have a seat for your little one.
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Available in Burnt Orange/Slate Gray (Shown), Olive Green/Chocolate Chip, and Black.
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The Onya Baby Cruiser baby carrier

Onya Baby Cruiser

Cruising through your day with your child in a soft cotton baby carrier is what it’s all about. Whether it’s a visit to the park, a long walk on the beach, or a quick stop at the farmer’s market, it’s designed to carry your child on your front or back. The Onya Baby Cruiser has an integrated seat that fits on most chairs, so you can enjoy meals together without having to worry about whether the restaurant or café has a seat for your baby – you’ll already have one stashed in your back pocket.
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Available in Leaf Green/Umber (shown) and Dove/Chocolate Chip.
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Onya Baby Cruiser and Onya Baby Outback baby carriers are loaded with useful features, including two zippered pockets, a tuck-away sleep hood, toy loops, a d-ring for your key clip, and a high-backed body for support and backwards/sideways lean-control for an older baby. The defining feature of Onya Baby carriers is the integrated chair harness that enables the parent to convert nearly any adult chair into a seat for their baby. The Onya Baby Cruiser and Onya Baby Outback are designed for use with babies who are 15 pounds and 3 months or older, to a maximum weight of 45 pounds.

Looking for our Accessories?

Our new organic cotton and breathable mesh Baby Booster keeps baby secure and kissably close.

And our organic faced Chewie Teething Pads will keep your carrier dry and baby happy.

Carrier feeling a little too snug? We have waist belt extenders available here.

Onya Instructional Videos

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