Babywearing 101: resources and research

Looking for some excellent resources about the benefits of babywearing? In honor of International Babywearing Week – and in the interest of spreading the babywearing love – we’re sharing some blog fan favorites and top picks. We hope you find them helpful. May you travel your babywearing journey with great joy and a sense of adventure!
Oh, and yes, you can bring the baby along for the ride! In fact, we would actively encourage it.

The more you know about babywearing, the more you'll see how wonderful it is! Wear all the babies!

One of our top-shared posts, this one is full of excellent, evidence-based information laying out why babywearing is better for your baby and your back versus lugging that infant car seat around. An excellent piece by pediatric chiropractor and guest writer Dr. Andrew Dodge, DC. (read more…)

Since the inception of the American Association of Pediatrics’ “Back to Sleep” campaign in 1994, the rise in the rate of positional plagiocephaly has risen dramatically. And so parents began to be encouraged to try “tummy time” with their babies. But there’s a catch: many babies don’t like tummy time very much. Enter babywearing. Think it can eliminate the need for tummy time? We do. Read why. (read more…)

From bonding and exercise to giving mom some time if she needs it, babywearing is excellent for dads, babies and the whole family. (read more…)

Occasionally, threads pop up on parenting and babywearing forums discussing and recommending “pull testing,” or “tug testing” a baby carrier as a good and legitimatemeans for testing a carrier’s strength or durability. Well, we’re here to tell you that it’s not. It’s ineffective AND it might render your baby carrier unsafe for use. We break it down for you. (read more…)

Wondering if you can keep wearing your baby now that you’re pregnant again? Well, you might be happy to know that the answer is YES! You can wear you baby or toddler while pregnant! This two-post series will help you stay safe and comfortable while babywearing into your pregnancy. (read more…)

Pregnant and wondering if you can still wear your baby?  Well, yes! Yes you can!

There are so many benefits of babywearing, not the least of which promote bonding and attachment. Babywearing is an excellent way for adoptive parents and babies to bond. (read more…)

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