Babywearing 101: the top 5 tips and tricks from 2013

Well, hey there 2014! Welcome, welcome. Did you know that one of our biggest goals here at Onya Baby is to help make your babywearing journey easy, pleasurable and, most of all, full of adventure? We want to help spread the baby love by providing lots of information – free for all eyes – here on the blog to educate, enlighten, and open everyone to the beauty of babywearing. So, with that in mind, we rounded up the top five reader’s favorite babywearing tips and tricks from the past year. Babywearing tips and tricks: a resource roundup to help make your babywearing adventures the best that they can be! And so, here are the top five babywearing tips and tricks posts from 2013:

Babywearing Tips and tricks:

Sometimes, during your babywearing adventures, you drop something (hey, it’s all good. We all get butterfingers sometimes!). Or you might need to reach down to get something that requires you to bend down low. The safest way to bend down while carrying your baby in your baby carrier is by keeping your back straight and bending at the knees, like a squat, rather than bending at your waist. (read more…)

Sometimes, when you’re not using your baby carrier, those straps can feel like they’re all over the place, can’t they? Well, did you know how easy it is to roll up your carrier to store it neatly? A babywearing storage solution to reign in those straps? You betcha! (read more…)

It’s easy to remove and replace the buckle on any of the straps. We’ll show you how to thread a buckle on a baby carrier in no time flat. (read more…)

Baby, it’s cold outside! What’s one great thing about babywearing in the wintertime? It keeps both you and your baby warmer, that’s for sure. But there are a few things that you need to keep in mind when wearing your baby in the wintertime, things that will keep you and your baby safer in tricky conditions. (read more…)

As much as we love babywearing, sometimes it’s just so stinkin’ hot. It’s important to keep your baby from overheating. But just when you thought it was too hot for babywearing, we want you to know there’s an easy way to keep your baby cooler in your baby carrier, even during a heat wave. It’s super easy. All you need are a small ice pack or two and your Onya Baby carrier. (read more…)

Onya Baby shares the reader's picks for the top five babywearing tips and tricks from 2013.

We hope you find these babywearing tips and tricks helpful.

The Onya Baby family wishes your family and warm and wonderful 2014!
Happy babywearing!


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