Babywearing: a new view for your baby

scratching the blue belly of the sky

Bare black branches scratch the sky and the wind rattles wooden bones. Snow drifts, waving dunes colder than any sand. Until I turn and look again…


…the branches glow, illuminated by the sun. Colors that were, before, hidden, secret, burst in brilliant technicolor.

I am struck by the profound difference a change of perspective can make in the appearance of things. What we see from one spot is different from another. Change your view and change what you see. Insight might lie only in the turn of your head.

What does this all have to do with parenting, with babywearing? For ourselves as mothers, as fathers, sometimes all we need is a change in perspective to help us better understand any given situation. For our babies, you give your child the many benefits from a view-change.

Wearing your baby gives your baby a new view of the world, a constantly changing view with many angles. Your baby benefits by learning more about him or her surroundings than when lying sedentary. Who wants to look at the same spot in the ceiling all day long?

Wear you baby. Give your baby a new view of the world.

Happy Babywearing!

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