Fashion inspiration for the babywearing mom

Looking for some mom-style fashion inspiration that helps you look good while you keep your baby Onya? Tips to stay hip with your baby on your hip? Well, this one’s for you, fashionistas! We’ve got loads of style inspiration for the babywearing mom.
Because yes, your Onya Baby baby carrier is definitely awesome outfit worthy!

Your gorgeous Lapis blue Onya Baby looks stunning with coral and green! Baby carrier fashion for the style-conscious mom.

Mom style for the fashion-conscious babywearing mom. We put together babywearing fashion boards for the style-conscious mom; outfits that are super cute and totally comfortable. Because looking pulled together feels good, doesn’t it?

You can totally still look great while wearing your baby Onya!

It really isn’t hard, and it doesn’t take a lot of planning or prep time. By sticking with a limited palette and clothing that’s comfortable and classic – or just classically you – it’s not hard to look pulled together in just a short amount of time, all while keeping your baby close. Whether you choose simple neutrals or pops of color, we’re sure you’ll make it look great!

Hey mo! You can wear your baby and look good doing it.

A few tips we’d suggest:

  • Nursing? Wear an easy-access top so you can continue to nurse your baby on the go. Between your top and your roomy Onya (which includes a sleeping hood), you’ll be ready to roll and feed your baby anywhere.
  • Layers: Incorporating layers, such as wearing a cardi or hoodie over your Onya, will make it easier for you to regulate both your and your baby’s temperatures. It’s warmer when wearing your baby, and you’ll be ready for it when you layer.
  • Shoes: Make sure you choose shoes that are both comfortable for you and feel stable. We’d recommend sticking to flats or wedges. You’re wearing precious cargo, after all!
  • Accessories: only carrying a few things? Your Onya comes has roomy pockets that are big enough to a diaper, wipes, cash/cards, a toy or paci clipped on, and your keys, so you might not even need a purse or diaper bag. But if you do, a cross-body bag is, in our opinions, the way to go. It will stay put and you can slide it around to a comfortable spot. Using one shoulder to carry your bag? Simpy tuck the strap under your Onya shoulder strap to keep it from sliding down your arm.

Fashion for the babywearing mom

And there’s a real upside: when we care for ourselves – when we feel we look good – we feel better about ourselves. It truly is an all-around mood-booster. Feeling good about ourselves is important to our overall emotional health, and an emotionally healthy mother is good for Baby.

When you choose cute and comfortable clothes to coordinate with your Onya, you'll wear your baby in style!

Whether you’re feeling fierce on a Friday, stylin’ on a Saturday or wonderful any day of the week, when you choose cute and comfortable clothes that coordinate with your Onya, you can wear your baby and look great doing it!

We want to hear your opinion!
What’s your favorite tip for the fashion-conscious babywearing mom?
Happy babywearing!

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