Happy International Babywearing Week!

International Babywearing Week: Carrying on Traditions.
October 8-14, 2012

International Babywearing Week is an annual celebration of babywearing, its  tradition, and its many benefits. It’s a wonderful time to get out into your local community to share the babywearing love. Find a local babywearing group to play with slings and baby carriers, to celebrate with and to join in International Babywearing Week festivities.

babywearing week is fun!

Babywearing International has all sorts of fun planned for Babywearing Week. They’re represented in many local chapters nationally and across the globe, so check out their website to find out if there’s a Babywearing International official local chapter near you and to find out what they’ve got planned for the week. You can also take a look at their list of great suggestions for what your local group can do to celebrate. This year’s theme is “Carrying on Traditions.” Opa!

If you’re new to wonderful world of babywearing, check out this handy resource guide to get you started. You’re sure to find your community among the different forums.

So…what will you do for International Babywearing Week?

Happy Babywearing!

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