How to roll up your baby carrier for easy storage.

How to roll your Onya Baby carrier for tidy storage

Did you know that you can roll up your baby carrier to make it neat and tidy and small for storage. It’s a great way to keep the straps contained, makes it easy to grab it and go, and stash it neatly for when you need it. It’s super easy, too. Once you’ve done it a couple of times, it’ll take you less than a minute to tuck your carrier into itself. Easy peasy, and super handy!

Ok, ready to rock the Onya roll? It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Start by tucking the shoulder straps of your baby carrier down into the back of the body of your carrier. You’re basically just tucking them in so that they’ll be contained within the body of the carrier as you roll it up over carrier storage how to

2. Roll your carrier up so that the straps are inside and the pockets are on the outside.

Roll up your baby carrier to keep it neat

3. Buckle the waist belt around the roll that you just made. Tighten the belt to make it snug so it won’t come unrolled.
Make your very own baby carrier roll-up.

See how easy? Of course, the tighter you roll it and the tighter you pull the waist belt, the smaller and more compact your baby carrier roll-up will be.

There you go. Now you know a super easy way to roll up your baby carrier tidily for when you need it.
Prefer watching it in action? We made a little video to show you how to roll it, up too.
We hope you find this helpful.

Happy babywearing!

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