Onya Baby babywearing giveaway!

Onya Baby is giving away up to three baby carriers! You know you want in on a chance to win.The Onya Baby family is feeling the holiday spirit! We’re almost to 11k fans on Facebook, and we’re thrilled and honored. To thank everyone, we’re doing something we rarely do: we’re giving away baby carriers. Up to three baby carriers, actually. Yup. That’s right. Three baby carriers!

But we need your help. Why? Well, here’s the deal: When we reach 11k (so soon!), we’ll give away a baby carrier. When we reach 11.5k, we’ll give away another baby carrier. When we reach 12k, we’ll give away a third and final baby carrier. And guess what? If you win, you’ll get to choose your choice of carrier you get to bring home.

That’s totally amazing, right? We’re doing this because we appreciate our fans and friends so much and want to show you our appreciation. What’s not to like? But don’t miss out on a triple-chance to win! So be sure to join the Onya Baby community on Facebook, and enter to win. We won’t be hosting our own giveaway like this again any time soon.

Onya Baby babywearing HolidaysHappy babywearing!

Happy Holidays!

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