Onya Baby carrier reviews: Thankful Thursday

Though we’ve been a work in progress for four years (!), we officially launched a month ago, and we are so honored and appreciative of the response we’ve gotten thus far! We wanted to share the following wonderful reviews, and thank the reviewers who have shared their time and thoughts with us and everyone. Thank you for helping the new kid on the block feel welcome!

The Baby Gear Guide:

…I’ve waited since October to be able to share this with everyone. OCTOBER!!!!! I am so good at keeping my mouth shut. Sometimes. I’ve waited to get this in my hands, to play with it, to wear it, and I’ve prayed that it was as good as its potential in Vegas.
It brings me great joy to tell you that it does. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you:
The Onya Baby Carrier. (read more…)

Everything Mom and Baby:

There’s a new baby carrier on the market and it is fabulous! It’s called Onya Baby.
What baby carrier can also be used a safe alternative to high chairs(when none around!) when dining out or out and about and you need to sit.  Onya Baby can be worn front, back and conveniently attach to a chair. There’s two versions: The Cruiser (cotton) and The Outback (water resistant). (read more…)


Our resident Gear Guy, Jamie Grayson of The Baby Guy NYC, returned last week from a few days spent playing with all of the new baby gear at the ABC Kids Expo trade show, and reports back here with his favorite finds. (read more…)

We’ll add more reviews as we get them. Once again, thank you! Thankful Thursday, indeed.



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