Onya Baby has an elfin visitor

In which the Onya Baby family gets visited by a little elf on the shelf…

Oh hey! Lookie here! The Onya babies were thrilled and excited when they woke up to find this little red visitor getting her OM in our home:

The wee elf on the shelf visits the Onya Baby familyWe don’t know when she came in, or how she got in. Did she sneak a ride in our yoga bag? Mystically appear through a wrinkle in time? We’re not sure, and she’s not talking. Elves move in mysterious ways, we can accept that. The kids felt soothed by her meditative presence, so there’s that.

Perhaps we were fooled by her first impression of calm serenity, because this little red one has got some moves! What the what?! A break dancing elf? Looks like it! The Onya babies and her furry friends are impressed!
Electric boogaloo, anyone?

Oh that little elf has got some moves!

Looks like the race is ON! The Iditerod really has nothing on these guys! Who do you think will win the Great Snowthrough Race of 2014? Our bets are on the little one in red…

Who will win Great 10k Snowthrough of 2014?

Oh look! She went for a beautiful hike in a winter wonderand! The Onya babies decided to join her and they got this lovely photo. We just LOVE hiking in winter, and it’s always better to bring along Baby, isn’t it? Would you like to join them?

A winter hike would be just right..

Everyone was delighted by this talented little elf’s skills at puppetry!

This elf on the shelf has mad puppet skills.

Well, she’s decided to help around the Onya Baby abode by taking the dog out for a walk. Of course, her baby wanted to come along for the ride! Babywearing FTW!

Need to walk you dog and carry your baby? Babywearing FTW!

We needed a little help reaching the lower branches of the tree, and our wee red visitor was happy to oblige. Her reindeer baby wanted to see the lights and ornaments up close, so mini Onya to the rescue!

Babywearing. It can help you trim the tree and keep your little one so happy.

Looks like we walked in on a party. A conga line party! Feel like joining in the fun? Just grab the shoulders in front of you and hold on tight! Hot-cha-cha-CHA!

This little elfie likes to conga!

Walking in a winter wonderland with the Onya Babies and our little elfie visitor. We all enjoyed getting outside and cuddling up to our babies on our backs. What’s the best way to get into the snow and stay warm? Babywearing, of course!

Babywearing. It's how we can all get outside and stay cozy and warm.

Somebody wants a crystal ball to see what’s coming. It’s SO HARD to wait! Just ask the Onya Babies…

It's so hard to wait for Christmas to get here! Someone wants a crystal ball...

Psssst…BE SURE to keep watching the blog! We think she’ll be surprising us every day from now until Christmas. What will she get up to next? Are you ready…?

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