Onya Baby is a finalist for a Cribsie award!

VOTE for Onya Baby as Comfiest Way to Keep Baby Close!

Onya Baby Cruiser nominated for a Cribsie award

We’re thrilled and honored to be in the running for a Cribsie award! Think your Onya Baby carrier is the comfiest way to keep Baby close? Then PLEASE VOTE!

Onya Baby started from a genuine love of babywearing; a belief that a baby carrier is an essential part of every parent’s tool kit. We’re a small family company, and the woman who sewed the original Onya Baby carrier is still here and kicking. She’s the one behind every post you see here on the blog, as well as what you read on the Onya Baby Facebook page, and on the Instagram and Twitter feeds.

We designed the Onya Baby carrier to be incredibly comfortable. From its start at a small home sewing machine to its current state, five years went into its design and development, and we’re always listening to feedback to make it even more comfortable. It truly is unique.

We wrote a post about what makes Onya Baby carriers unique. You might find it interesting if you’re trying to decide if an Onya Baby soft-structured baby carrier might be right for you and your baby. We think they’re super comfortable from the very beginning with your baby until well into toddlerhood. We hope you do too.

It would mean so much to us if you would take just a moment to vote for Onya Baby in the Cribsie awards. You can find us in the gear section listed under Comfiest Way to Keep Baby Close. PLEASE VOTE AND TELL YOUR FRIENDS!

Thank you so much!
Happy babywearing from the family at Onya Baby!



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