Pin it to win: Onya Baby Bundle

We love International Babywearing Week so much, we like to extend it to a month-long babywearing bonanza with Onya Baby giveaways designed to spread the babywearing love!

Pin it to win it! An Onya Baby Infant to Toddler Bundle Pack worth $159!

To end the month on a high note, we’re offering one last giveaway: an Onya Baby Infant to Toddler Bundle worth $159!

Perfect for all expecting parents and parents with new little babies, the Onya Baby Bundle comes is the whole enchilada: an Onya Baby Cruiser in Pearl Grey, a Baby Booster Infant Insert and a set of Chewies teething pads. So awesome, right??

It’s happening over on Pinterest, so be sure to have a look at the Pin and follow the instructions!

Good luck and happy babywearing!

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