Saturday Share: Babywearing daddy figures it out…

This babywearing daddy has it all figured out. We just love this video…so cute and creative!

We all love our children, and we cherish being there for them and showing them our love. But we suspect that you’ve had moments when you just want to do something, maybe something particular, maybe several things, and you just couldn’t get anything done. Not a thing. Because that precious child (or those precious children) just wanted – needed – your attention. What to do? Watch this video from Slingo Papa, a creative daddy who just wanted his cake..among other things…and it was a “eureka!” moment for him. From frustrated daddy to babywearing daddy: babywearing to the rescue!


Slingo Papa: Discovery of the Year

Don’t know how to get your baby onto your front or back? We have some videos that you might find helpful over on our YouTube channel.

How do you keep your children close and still get your things done? Babywearing, of course!

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