Saturday Spotlight: Frogmama – Great baby carriers and more

Frogmama is owned and operated by Lorene Foster, a busy mom of 5 young kids. She homeschools and runs her small business from home. Impressive, eh?  Frogmama wants all moms to be able to afford a comfortable and safe baby carrier. They have different programs such as layaway, “recycle your carriers,” and a great clearance section to bring quality baby carriers to everyone.

Frogmama and Frogpapa with their littlest when he was tiny. Courtesy of Frogmama

When Lorene discovered slings with her first baby, they weren’t as prevalent as they are today. People would often stop her and ask her about her sling, wondering where she got it, whether she liked it, or how to use it. She felt like she never had a particular place to direct them to for them to get one for themselves. The same thing happened again when she had her second baby. People we clearly interested in learning more about babywearing.

The turning point came when her second baby was about a year and a half years old: her parents went to a “free” dinner locally to hear all about how to set up an online business. As it turned out,  it was really just a long sales pitch to use that particular company’s products, but as her mom told her about afterwards, the business bug bit and Lorene decided to start a business. Lorene saw it as a way that she could help local moms learn about babywearing, good baby carriers, and how to babywear properly. So, she and her mom went online, randomly choose a webdesign and web host, and picked the first domain name that popped into their heads and they were up and running (overnight!). Frogmama started with one brand and grew from there. They are now in their 7th year!

Frogmama and her beautiful family. Courtesy of Frogmama

Lorene has faced many challenges over the course of the past seven years running and growing Frogmama. She can’t think of anything that hasn’t, at some point, gone wrong.  Her biggest challenge is walking the fine line between putting her family first and meeting her customers needs and expectations. Oftentimes, she works in her pajamas while nursing her littlest baby, or with him on her back in a carrier. Ah, the perks of working from home. But it’s also a balancing act, and she often feels like the kids don’t have her full attention when they should.

She wouldn’t change a thing. Frogmama carries only the products that Lorene and her family have tried and use themselves. She’s passionate about mothering her children well, so you can trust the choices she makes and the products she carries. Everything Frogmama offers is high-quality, safe and well-made with a focus on natural parenting.

She does local one-on-one consultations, too. So if you’re in the Redding, CA area and have questions or know of a mom who’s looking for some great babywearing advice, be sure to check her out!

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