Saturday Spotlight: Once Upon a Sling – Great babywearing support, education and selection

Once Upon a Sling is owned and operated by Anna Hubbard, a mother of four who’s been a dedicated babywearer for over ten years. She was first introduced to babywearing when her oldest, now ten years old, was a tiny three-month-old baby and her local La Leche League leader sold Anna her Nojo ring sling. Since that introduction to babywearing when she discovered that she could care for and hold close her colicky, high-needs baby while still getting things done, Anna has wanted to spread her love of babywearing to others; to show then what a wonderful, lifesaving parenting tool it is.

Anna and little one, all wrapped up. Photo courtesy of: Once Upon a Sling.

As the years went on, Anna found herself helping other parents by gifting them a homemade sling or helping them find a good carrier. Another local mom had opened up a store before she thought of doing so, but when that shop closed because the owner wanted to shift her focus, Anna decided to go for it. A good baby carrier had become a necessary tool in her parenting kit, and she couldn’t imagine her local area of Bloomington, IL going without quality baby carriers and babywearing education. Once Upon a Sling was born.

There are many challenges when running a busy household alongside a family business. Anna has learned and grown so much along the way. She’s learned how to build her own website. She’s had to change her family schedule to include time not only to run the business, but to also keep up with her children’s homeschool curriculum. Because Once Upon a Sling is a home-based business, her family home has had to be reorganized to accommodate in-stock items. And of course, she had to find her own way to balance family time and work obligations. One of the blessings she’s found in owning her own home-based business is the ability to be with her children all day, which of course included wearing her babies at work when they were little.

Anna and her little one, wrapped up tight. Photo courtesy of: Once Upon a Sling.

Anna believes deeply in the importance of babywearing education. She wants people to babywear because she recognizes it as a valuable parenting tool, and she wants them to feel confident and safe while doing so. Once Upon a Sling offers babywearing classes, and Anna makes herself available by appointment for personal help outside of class times, as well. She wants people to find the baby carrier that’s right for them, for their body, and for their lifestyle. With the right carrier, babywearing feels great…it shouldn’t hurt.

Once Upon a Sling offers slings, mei tais and baby carriers that are good quality, durable, will appeal to customers, and are affordable. Anna’s choosy about what she stocks in her store, so you can rest-assured that whatever choice you make when purchasing from Once Upon a Sling will be a great one.

An interesting tidbit: Besides babywearing, Anna also teaches the Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth classes. She also believes strongly in the importance of a good support support system, so she tries to get parents who come through connected to good support groups, like Le Leche League or the local attachment parenting group.

If you’re in the Bloomington, Illinois area, check out Once Upon a Sling. You’ll be glad you did!
And remember, you can always contact Anna with any questions you have.


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