Spotlight on: Nini Bambini

Spotlight on: Nini Bambini

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Nini Bambini is a maternal wellness center in Bedford, New Hampshire offering  support to pregnant women and their partners, as well as to new parents and families with children up to age 3. They combine combine classes, support groups, individual lactation and sleep coaching, parent coaching, and a ton of amazing products all in one location. And they’re are also a community of families who support each other through the every changing challenges of parenting! It takes a village, right? Well, their goal is to be that village!

Nini Bambini is owned and operated by Nina Cullen, a childbirth educator, doula and parent coach. She wanted to combine all of her skills and bring those resources for parents (and parents-to-be!), as well as provide a place for parents to find community, information and support. She also knew that parents in her community were looking for high-quality, innovative products that were unavailable in the big box stores, and she wanted to provide that resource as well.

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Nini Bambini loves babywearing! They promote it in every class and group at the store, and most of our moms wear their baby from infancy through toddlerhood! Even the employees at Nini Bambini bring their infants to work with them, and wear them while they work! Isn’t that lovely?

Their deepest mission is to offer outstanding customer service, non-judgmental support and the best products that they can find, to every customer.

Every product at Nini must be of the highest quality. They do their best to carry things that are only available outside of big box stores, and only products that we have tested ourselves and we are confident about. Our employees and our customers help us choose the very best products for the store, and if they can’t find it, we often make it ourselves! They sell a Tummy Soother that was designed to calm and soothe babies with reflux, born from an employee’s child who just couldn’t stop crying! Want to learn something cool? They added Onya Baby carriers to the store after Nina stopped a woman in the street to inquire about her Outback. Nina’s pretty sure the woman thought she was crazy, but she saw this beautiful carrier and wanted to know more about it! Once they learned about all of the features, they were hooked! We just love that story!

All the good people at Nini Bambini would love to meet you and your little ones right in their beautiful store! But if you can’t visit in person, join definitely join them in their active and open Facebook group, where you can ask questions about parenting, or share your triumphs and your challenges. They have years of experience in parenting and collectively, with over 5,000 members, can help families be their very best.

Nini Bambini is an awesome place for families to become, be and grow!

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