Summer babywearing: How to keep your baby cool in your baby carrier

How to keep your baby cool in your baby carrier

Hot weather baby wearing: How to keep your baby cool in your baby carrier

Whewf, baby! It’s hot outside. As much as we love babywearing, sometimes it’s just so stinkin’ hot. It’s important to keep your baby from overheating. But just when you thought it was too hot for babywearing, we want you to know there’s an easy way to keep your baby cooler in your baby carrier, even during a heat wave. It’s super easy. All you need are a small ice pack or two and your Onya Baby carrier. Really, any baby carrier with a front pocket will work for this summer babywearing tip. Now you can keep cool and carry on.

Here’s how to keep your baby cool in your baby carrier:

Summer baby wearing tip to keep your baby cool

1. Start with frozen ice pack(s).

baby carrier keep cool tricks for your baby carrier

2. Put the cold pack(s) in your baby carrier’s front pocket. If your baby carrier doesn’t have much thickness between your baby and the ice packs, you can opt to wrap the ice packs in a small cloth napkin or towel. We’d suggest keeping the cloth small so it doesn’t get too bulky and lumpy in the pocket.

keep your baby cooler in your baby carrier

3. And that’s it. Your baby will now keep cooler for longer.

This simple babywearing trick will allow you to continue your babywearing adventures even when it’s hot out.

A few additional tips and tricks for keeping yourself and your baby cooler in your baby carrier:

– Dress yourself and your baby in loose, lightweight, natural fibers or cooling, performance-tech clothing
– Carry an umbrella to provide portable shade for both yourself and your baby
– Place a lightweight cloth or flat diaper between yourself and your baby
– Remove your baby periodically from your carrier to allow both of you to cool off
– Check your baby often by touch and sight to be sure he’s not overheating.

If your baby’s skin becomes red or extremely sweaty, or he becomes fussy, remove him from your baby carrier to let him cool down.

Summer babywearing?

Why, yes. Yes you can.

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