The recycled NexStep: what’s it all about?

The Onya Baby Nexstep is an ergonomic baby carrier made from recycled fabric! Easy on your baby, your back and the planet.Why is the NexStep so eco-friendly?

Well, aside from all the awesome features that all Onya Baby carriers share, the Onya Baby Nexstep is an ergonomic baby carrier made from 100% recycled soft brushed twill with an air mesh lining. It’s super breathable and lightweight, and it leaves a lighter footprint on our planet for our children, for our children’s children.

Have a look at the graphic above to see how we were able create a baby carrier from fabric that used to be plastic bottles. Those water bottles are cleaned, flaked, then turned into pellets, and finally spun into very strong thread that’s then dyed to color. The resulting twill fabric is brushed, giving it a super-soft feel and excellent strength. It’s very lightweight, super durable and soft as a peach.

The Onya Baby NexStep baby carrier is eco-conscious! Made from recycled brushed twill, it's soft on the planet and your baby.

Did you know that the Onya Baby carrier was designed by an active babywearing mom? It went through four years of tweaking, testing and feedback, then another year of prototyping to get it as good as we thought it could be. As a baby carrier, its features are super useful, practical and totally unique.

We’re thrilled and honored to announce that we’re in the running for an Eco-Excellence Award from Natural Child World Magazine for our recycled carrier, the Onya Baby NexStep! Think we’re eco-excellent? Please vote for Onya Baby! (NOTE: voting closed)

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