The best babywearing tips and tricks from the past year

Onya Baby shares the top babywearing tips and tricks from the blog to help make your babywearing adventures the best they can be. We want to help make your babywearing journey as great as it can be, and so here’s a list (with links) to our best babywearing tips and tricks posts from the past year. If you have any suggestions for additional tips or tricks that you’d like to see us write about here on our blog, please feel free tocomment below with your ideas and suggestions. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

  • Babywearing Tips and Tricks: Soft-Structured Carriers:soft-strucured baby carrier babywearing tips and tricks

There are so many awesome things about babywearing, and we think that when your baby is on you, your baby is in the very safest place. There’s no better way to monitor your baby when you’re in direct contact. But it’s always important to keep a few safety tips in mind  when using any type of baby carrier. There are also a few “tricks of the trade” that can make your babywearing experience more comfortable and enjoyable. Some of these can apply to any type of sling or baby carrier, but, since we make soft-structured carriers (SSCs), we thought we’d focus on SSCs. (read more…)

  • How to Safely Boost Your Baby in a Soft-Structured Carrier:

Does your soft-structured baby carrier (SSC) feel just a tad too tall for your baby? In the long run, that’s a good thing. You’ll be able to use your carrier for a long time if it has a tall body. You’ll stay comfortable, too, since your baby won’t be able to lean sideways or backwards and throw you off balance. But, for now, you need a solution to lift your baby a little in your carrier. Here’s how you can give your baby a boost safely and with an item you already have around the house. You can use a receiving blanket or a hand towel. A very small pillow would also work, if it doesn’t feel too bulky to you. (read more…)

  • Choosing a Baby Carrier: Proper Positioning is Essential:

Your baby’s spine begins naturally curved, much like a Fiddlehead fern, and slowly unfurls as s/he develops. Your baby’s hip joints sit in their sockets shallowly and will deepen as your child grows and their legs and hips straighten. There’s a great article with illustrations of a baby’s developing hip joints over at The National Hip Dysplasia Institute, as well some excellent illustrations showing unsupported and supported positioning in a baby carrier. (read more…)

  • Breastfeeding and Babywearing: Perfect Together:

Why is babywearing great for breastfeeding? It facilitates your breastfeeding relationship with your baby in a number of ways. Here are our top 5 reasons… (read more…)

  • Babywearing Safety Tip: Close Enough to Kiss:

When talking about babywearing safety, you might have heard people say that your baby should be “close enough to kiss.” But what does that mean, exactly? (read more…)

Use your Onya Baby Soft-structured baby carrier at the table.

Are there any other babywearing tips and tricks that you’d like us to post about?
Please comment below to let us know.

Happy Babywearing!

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41 Responses to The best babywearing tips and tricks from the past year

  1. Ginna Mott

    Been working on breastfeeding while baby wearing. The Onya makes it super easy!!! Love my Onya!!!

  2. Melissa Godsey

    I love the idea of using a carrier as a seat!! Very creative :)

  3. Meghann Crider

    I love that the carrier can be used as a seat – it makes taking stops on walks to grab a quick bite so much easier!

  4. Becky Worthman

    I also want to learn to nurse while carrying–perhaps I need an Onya (of course I do, I am saving now!)…the attempts in the wrap have been awkward…

  5. Davina

    So great to know you can boost a smaller baby up with a little padding in the seat. We got an Onya Baby carrier at Christmas time and my little guy loves it. If he’s tired he’s asleep instantly when he’s put in it. But when he’s awake he’s still a bit small to be able to look around easily. He’s always trying to peek under the straps or craning his neck to look around. I think a little folded hand towel will do just the trick! Thanks!

  6. Shannon B

    Didn’t know I could boost baby up in an SSC. Great idea!

  7. Angela

    I need to learn how to nurse more efficiently while wearing my daughter!

  8. Amanda

    The seat option is awesome. How neat!

  9. Randee

    How great is it that you can also use it to travel as a chair!!

  10. Andrea

    Love this carrier! Such a great feature to be able to use as a seat too.

  11. Kelsey J

    Love how diverse of a carrier this is. Being able to use this as a seat to is brilliant !

  12. Shakeeta W

    I learned that you can use the Onya carrier as a seat cover and that baby’s hip sockets will deepen as they get older.

  13. Amber

    I never thought of boosting them up when they’re small – great idea!

  14. Sara Nelis

    Keeping baby close enough to kiss is best! I love that baby smell! :)

  15. Jessica

    I never even thought of using a towel to boot baby up in the carrier! I love that idea as my LO loves to look around and can’t see much in our comfy mei tai. Thanks for the pointers!

  16. Jessica Basol

    Great tips!

  17. Elisebet Freeburg-Lalisan

    I’d never even heard the “close enough to kiss” phrase before, so that’s good to know!

  18. Tess

    Love that you use it as a seat. Gret for traveling

  19. Sura

    This is an interesting carrier. Would love to get one.

  20. Teri

    Love this carrier! I really want one :)

  21. Rachel

    I have read nothing but raving reviews about this carrier! I can’t wait until my wee one is big enough to fit this!

  22. Rachel Z

    I had no idea that correct baby hip placement wasn’t universal in all carriers! Honestly before this blog post i had no idea what correct hip placement in babies was!

  23. Jessica Kraft

    I love that the onya can be used as a sort of make shift high chair! Very creative!

  24. Lacey P

    Love that the Onya can be used as a highchair!

  25. Yamile Yannini

    I love the fact that you can use this as a seat! I live in NYC but have family and in laws in Florida, Texas and California. It’s hard enough flying with a toddler without having to worry about excess packing! Love that the carrier has more than one use. :)

  26. Lindsay Powers

    I like the tip about gently bouncing while holding up the shoulder straps to settle baby into a better seat! Thanks!

  27. Sara D

    I love how compact it can be when not in use!

  28. Vanessa Nisperos

    My current carrier might putt baby at risk for hip dysphasia. Oh no! Why didn’t I know this sooner? Would love to see a post from Onya on recommended wearing for twins. I live in NYC and would much prefer baby wearing twins that carrying a stroller up and down stairs….

  29. michelle

    i love that this has a moisture wicking capability! makes for a more comfy hike!

  30. Heather

    I anticipate the moisture wicking material will be appreciated during the humid hot summer months. I can’t wait to try it! Thanks for a great product.

  31. Krystin Rowley

    I love babywearing, it’s so helpful to parent ALL my kids!!

  32. Jennifer Pitkin

    Onya has the best carrier…EVER! If I win I’m donating it to

  33. Bridget

    Love the idea of using it as a seat!

  34. Karla

    I love the pocket on the back! Great for hiking, which I do with my little ones a lot!

  35. Lizzie

    What a thoughtful design!

  36. Suzi

    I didn’t realize how important it was to have a tall body to the carrier!

  37. ari

    I never knew there was a carrier that could also be used as a seat. Awesome!

  38. Kendra

    Your carriers look awesome! And so comfortable! I can’t wait to try one!

  39. Jill

    I love the seat option!!

  40. Nicole Rhodes

    I love that this company is a small family business with a great product!

  41. Mellissa Edens

    This sounds like a fantastic carrier, would love to win it!

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