How to Safely Boost your Baby in a Soft-Structured Baby Carrier

How to safely boost baby in a soft structured baby carrier

Does your soft-structured baby carrier (SSC) feel just a tad too tall for your baby? In the long run, that's a good thing. You'll be able to use your carrier for a long time if it has a tall body. You'll stay comfortable, too, since your baby won't be able to lean sideways or backwards and throw you off balance. But, for now, you need a solution to lift your baby a little in your carrier. Here's how you can give your baby a boost safely and with an item you already have around the house. You can use a receiving blanket or a hand towel. A very small pillow would also work, if it doesn't feel too bulky to you. For our photos, we used a small hand towel.

The first step is to roll the cloth. Just fold it, then roll it. The first two photos who you how we did it:

towel prefold

towell rolled up

Of course, the larger the roll under your baby's bum, the higher your baby will sit. Go with what works for your baby's size.

Woman placing rolled up towel into baby carrier

Once you've got your rolled cloth ready to roll, place it in your baby carrier. It will be resting on the inner top of waist band, where your baby's bum would normally rest. Check out the photo (right) to see what we mean:

Place your baby's bum on the rolled cloth. By placing your baby's bum on the roll, you're able to give her a boost while keeping her in an ergonomically correct position, i.e., spread-squat, in your baby carrier. See below (left):

Woman placing baby into Onya Baby Carrier

Now, just put your baby carrier on the way you normally would. You'll see that your baby is safely boosted and now she can see, too.

Woman carrying baby in an Onya Baby Carrier with towel booster

Close enough to kiss, baby.

So go forth, mommas and papas, and get long life from your baby carrier.

How about you? Have you ever used a rolled cloth to give your baby a boost in your SSC? Tell us about it...
Happy babywearing!