Babywearing Safety Tip: Close Enough to Kiss

When talking about babywearing safety, you might have heard people say that your baby should be “close enough to kiss.” But what does that mean, exactly?

Mother demonstrating proper front carry with child in Onya Baby Carrier

Simply put, it means that, when you’re carrying your baby in a sling or baby carrier on your front, your baby’s head should be high enough that you can easily tip your head down and plant a kiss on your baby’s head or forehead. This keeps your baby in a natural “in-arm’s” position – your baby is just where he’d be if your were carrying him in-arms – which allows you an easy view of your baby, tummy-to-tummy contact, and greater comfort for your back than when your baby is positioned too low.

Your baby and your back will thank you for it.

Happy Babywearing!