Word to the mothers: mothering matters

We’ve posted in the past about how your children are listening to what you say – whether you’re actually talking to them or not. What we say carries implicit messages about how we feel about them, about ourselves and about others. If we, as women, have struggled with body-acceptance, it can be so difficult to talk openly and lovingly about ourselves; to look at ourselves and see our own beauty. But our daughters (and our sons) are listening. In our mothering, let’s let them overhear us talking positively about ourselves, about our bodies.

Mother reassuring daughter in mirror

By talking about our bodies in positive and loving ways, we’ll not only positively affect how we feel about ourselves, but we’ll teach our daughters to think lovingly about themselves. What a powerful force for good we can be! Mothering. It matters.

Do you talk positively about yourself in front of your children?

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