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The Pure offers three carry positions: front inward-facing, rear inward-facing, and also hip carrying. In our testing, we found all of the positions pretty comfortable. The carrier offers versatility for strap configuration - you can configure it as an H, or as an X that crosses the straps across the back or chest. We definitely suggest the X cross-strap configuration for higher comfort over longer carries, and it's a better option for parents who get uncomfortable with the straps rubbing under the arms. The Pure is designed to have high breathability so it makes for a great spring and summer carrier, offering a front panel that can be unzipped and rolled up to reveal a highly breathable mesh that helps keep your baby's back nice and cool. In our testing, it also helped keep us cool in the 100+ degree weather (with 75% humidity) we had this summer! The panel tucks away really nicely without any issues with it being bulky or accidentally falling down. The straps and waist are super thick and comfortable, and we loved the adjustable webbing on the waist and the new buckle. (read more...)

Babywearing International of Peoria

(part 1): My first impression on taking this out of the box was how very well matched everything on this carrier is. The buckles are brown, the straps are brown, even the webbing is brown, rather than the normal black. This carrier coordinates everything beautifully!
The next thing I noticed was how well written the instruction book was. It’s really a book, not a booklet or an instruction sheet. It details, with pictures, several ways to get baby onto your back, several ways to wear the straps for front carries, even how to nurse in it. This is a fantastically detailed set of instructions! Very, very helpful for a carrier newbie.
(part 2: on a chair): Wow wow wow! This is seriously the most innovative feature I’ve seen on a carrier in a while! So, you can use the Onya as a carrier, then, in a pinch, you can use it as, basically, a high chair. Or, rather, you use it to convert a regular chair into a high chair. After the comment about it yesterday, I watched the video on how to use the Onya on a chair. I’ll be honest. I thought this would be a hassle, a secondary feature that wasn’t actually worth using. I was pleasantly surprised to be wrong!

Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine

...Comfort is, of course, key with baby being the primary concern. The Onya carrier places baby in an ergonomically correct seated position with plenty of padding. It does not feel like she is dangling from lack of support—a concern with other carrying methods I’ve tried. I know my daughter is comfortable because she falls asleep after only minutes in the carrier. Now, the biggest success story with this carrier is related to my husband. He typically dislikes babywearing because he is always hot! However, he is now the one carrying our daughter most when we’re together. The material has an air-mesh lining which is super breathable and made from 100 percent recycled brushed polyester twill. It’s one of the most earth-friendly baby carriers around, and it’s perfect for temperature control and wiping clean, though it is also machine washable! Additionally, the straps are very comfortable. (read more...)

A Little Bit of All of It

I have tried many carriers, and what I love about the Onya Cruiser is the extra tall body. I can wear both of my children (4 years old and 15 months) comfortably on my front or back in this carrier which is saying something. The Cruiser I tried has a snap so I can fold down the top of the carrier to accommodate my little guy and then unsnap and flip up for my big girl. I can also say that, though I mostly wear my son on my front, this is my favorite soft structured carrier to wear on my back. I find it the most comfortable of the many I have tried. (read more...)

Life with my Littles

I was really impressed with this carrier. It is very well made, it is a beautiful color, affordable (the Cruiser retails for $149.00 and it is COMFORTABLE!!). I wore my 3 year old for over an hour while 35 weeks pregnant and I did not feel any discomfort what so ever. You know how sometimes after you give your kids a piggy back ride or carry them (without a carrier of any kind but just in your arms) and sometimes the next day you wake up sore because you pulled a muscle or had your body in an incorrect position for any amount of time? Didn't happen with the Onya! What's better yet, my son LOVED it!! (read more...)

I thought I knew Mama

It is comfortable! And I mean VERY comfortable. I am not someone who has a ton of upper body strength, but I can easily carry my three year old son in the Onya Baby Cruiser for long periods of time – whether we’re passing time on the ferry during travel, walking for blocks in the city, or going for a hike. (read more...)

EcoParent Magazine

The Cruiser demonstrated surprisingly good balance, and really great positioning for my little man. It’s minimal structure and smart design allows the child’s own weight to dictate posture, providing maximum comfort for your precious cargo. (read more...)

Eco Incognito

Hold onto your babies, this is the BEST giveaway I’ve ever hosted! I’m excited to introduce you to the Onya Baby Cruiser. This soft-structured baby carrier is similar to an Ergo, but it packs a very handy secret. Not only can you wear your baby on your front or back, but it also has an integrated seat so that you can use it for safety on a chair. When it comes to a portable seating option for 6 month olds and up, you won’t find anything more convenient. (read more...)

One Smiley Monkey

We had a chance to try out the Onya Baby Cruiser carrier earlier in the summer with our 24 month old and I must say that I am very impressed with the smart design and the added baby seat feature. This is the very first time that I see a carrier that offers both products in one (travel baby seat + back and front carrier). (read more...)

A Little Bit of All of It

I recently had the pleasure of receiving a very unique baby carrier, the Onya Baby Outback. It is a soft structured carrier, and while there are many great soft structured baby carriers in the market you could buy, this one has a special feature that I really, really like. Not only can you carry your little one around hands free, it also is a chair harness for your baby! How neat is that?? (read more...)

Simply Real Moms

Who says you can’t have it all? Need a baby carrier that doubles as a seat–you’ve got it with Onya Baby Carriers! I love the Onya Baby Carrier and the fact that it offers the seat option. It is perfect for the on-the-go family who wears their baby for a walk to dinner, or possibly a walk in the park and then stopping at a coffee shop, because you can take your little one out of the carrier and use it in a chair. No need to carry anything extra and no need to worry about how clean (or not clean) a high chair might be! (read more...)

Happy Mothering

One of the things I love about Onya Baby's Outback style is how the water-resistant nylon exterior and air-mesh lining breathe so I’m not left feeling all sweaty and gross if we’re out in the heat. We like to be outside and active during the Spring and Summer months, so that’s huge!
I also really like how gender neutral the style and colors are. Brian loves using this carrier as much as I do. But I usually win and get to use the Onya Baby and leave him with our older Kelty Carrier when we need to wear both girls. (read more...)

Rambles of a SAHM

What separates The Outback Carrier from other carriers its fabric is a durable, water-resistant, rip-stop nylon exterior and air-mesh lining. This feature is my favorite and is what makes The Outback my choice of carrier for summer travels. (read more...)

Cool Mom Picks

What do you get when you combine a comfortable, easy-to-use baby carrier and a portable child seat? The distinct impression that someone should have invented this a long time ago. It's called the Onya Baby Carrier, and it has the ability to make your life easier and your diaper bag lighter. (read more...)

The Giggle Guide

A dependable baby carrier is an essential piece of gear that helps parents keep their baby close and secure while they go about their daily activities. Baby carriers also give parents great flexibility, because they are able to take their baby on hikes, walks and other activities, where a stroller would be cumbersome or hard to maneuver. Baby carriers are lightweight and easy to just grab and go. There is one problem though with having just a carrier — there is nowhere for a baby to sit securely if one takes it off. One mother’s desire to simplify her life by combining two useful products in a new and creative way led to the birth of Onya Baby. (read more...)

Dirty Diaper Laundry

Hands down the best thing about this carrier for me has been that the back carry is a bit higher than similar SSC’s. Everett prefers being worn on the back in the Onya for this reason. It is pretty obvious that he likes it. When the baby is younger they are often stuck facing your back. In the Onya Carrier he gets a higher view!
My next favorite feature would be that the back straps unbuckle and allow for criss crossing when performing a front carry. (read more...)

Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine

Onya Baby’s The Cruiser and The Outback are wise choices for any parent looking for lightweight, easy-to-use carriers. The only difference I noticed between the two is the fabric. The fabric on the Cruiser is much more lightweight and made for everyday use around town. The fabric on the Outback is a bit more heavy duty. It’s breathable and is great for hikes or families with active lifestyles. Since fabric is the only notable distinction, the rest of my review will be applicable to both models. (read more...)

Modern Day Moms

I can’t begin to tell you how super excited I am to introduce you to the Onya Baby Carrier! I was introduced to their ingenious carrier while attending the San Francisco Birth and Baby Fair earlier in the month. Before I begin talking about why the Onya Baby Carrier is hands down the coolest carrier I have ever seen, let me tell you about the company because I really think the people behind this are completely awesome. (read more...)

Everything Mom and Baby

There's a new baby carrier on the market and it is fabulous! It's called Onya Baby.
What baby carrier can also be used a safe alternative to high chairs (when none around!) when dining out or out and about and you need to sit. Onya Baby can be worn front, back and conveniently attach to a chair. There's two versions: The Cruiser (cotton) and The Outback (water-resistant). (read more...)

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