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Want to find an Onya Baby in your local community?

Search for a store near you. If you don't see your local store listed, please ask them to carry Onya Baby carriers. Be sure to email us to let us know that you put in the request. If the store you asked then places an opening order, you'll get a free carrier for helping us spread the word!

Please check back often. We're adding new stores all the time where you can go and try an Onya Baby carrier in person.

Our US Partners

Tiny Tots Baby Boutique
Diaper Lab
Arctic Baby Bottoms
The Bundle Store
Sweet Pea
Happy Baby Company
Bambi Baby Store
Cotton Babies
Eco Buns
Mother Earth Baby Shop
Green Bambino
Posh Baby
The Natural Baby Company
Blossoming Mama
Acorn Treasures
Special Addition
Pinstripes and Polkadots
Natural Resources
The Pure Parenting Shop
Bush Baby
Brambler Boutique
Crunch Natural Parenting
Enlightened Baby

Our Canada Partners

Mountain Equipment Co-Op
Fab Baby Gear
Love Me Do Baby
Lizzie Bits Baby Co.
Calins et Popotin
Two Mothers
Terra 20

If you're interested in becoming a Onya Baby retailer click here to fill out our Becoming a Retailer form and we'll be happy to get back to you.