Your children are listening…

We all know that we need to be careful how we speak to our children. But it can be easy to forget that our children are listening to what we say when we’re not talking directly to them, particularly when we get wrapped up in conversations with our partners or other parents. Your children are listening, and it can be a powerful positive for your children to hear you talking to others about the good things you see in them. It can also be a positive force in how you view your children. The more you focus on the positive qualities you see in them, the more you will think of their positive qualities. In turn, your children will also focus on their own positive qualities, and we know that children who feel better, do better. What a positive cycle to create and perpetuate!

Two parents with children sitting and talking in park

Always remember: your children will live up to your opinions of them. They’re listening. Help them develop the positive inner voice by talking about their positive qualities often, openly and when they can hear you. Both you and your children will benefit!

Children who feel better do better. Be a positive force in helping your child feel good about who they are and about the positive qualities they have within.

Happy babywearing!

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