Baby Carriers for Families in Need

Baby carriers can be life changing to all families. Help make a family in need's life easier.

Here at Onya Baby, we believe deeply in giving back to our communities, in helping others when we can, and in the fundamental necessity of a baby carrier for every parent.

In the past we have teamed up with Gina, the public health advocate and writer behind the blog The Feminist Breeder and with HealthConnect One in Chicago, to bring baby carriers to families in need. We have worked together to raise the funds needed to get Onya Baby carriers sent to 26 families across the US! The families who received baby carriers wouldn’t have one today without the kind and generous donations of people who care and want to give back to their communities and to the mothers and families in those communities. People like you. We got amazing feedback from the families who received baby carriers. For those families – many of whom rely on public transit, who want to reach their breastfeeding goals, who parent multiple children solo – a baby carrier is truly life-changing.

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