Find a Local Babywearing Group

A note from Onya Baby:
We update this post regularly to try to make it as helpful for you as possible. If you’d like us to add a group, or remove a defunct one, please just let us know in the comments. Thank you so much for helping us make this the most useful list we can for you! Happy babywearing!

When looking for a great fit in a wrap, sling, or baby carrier, trying and comparing different carriers is really the only way to know which carrier fits you and your baby best. Our suggestion? Find a local babywearing group to try different wraps, slings and baby carriers in person. So, in our effort to help you fond your best baby carrier, here’s a handy list with links to all of the regional babywearing groups that we know of, both within North America and internationally.

Find your local babywearing to try different baby carriers

List of Babywearing Groups:



  • Arkansas

Babywearing International of Central Arkansas (on Facebook)

  • California

Babywearing International of the Bay Area (on Facebook)

  • Florida

South Florida Babywearing (on Facebook)
Tampa Bay Babywearing (on Facebook)

  • Hawaii

Carry the Children

  • Idaho

Babywearing International of the Inland Northwest (on Facebook)
Idaho Babywearers

  • Illinois

Babywearing International of Chicagoland
Babywearing International of North Central Illinois
(and on Facebook)

  • Indiana

Valparaiso Babywearing Meetup (on Facebook)

  • Iowa

Ames Area Babywearers (on Facebook)
Babywearing International of Central Iowa (on Facebook)
Babywearers of Cedar Rapids (on Facebook)
Cedar Falls/Waterloo (on Facebook)
Cedar Valley Babywearers (on Facebook)
North Iowa Babywearers (on Facebook)
Quad City Babywearing (on Facebook)

  • Kansas

Witchita Babywearers (on Facebook)

  • Kentucky

Louisville Babywearing

  • Maine

Babywearing of Maine (on Facebook)

  • Maryland

Babywearing International of Southern Maryland

  • Massachusetts

Cape And Islands Babywearers

  • Minnesota

Babywearing International of the Twin Cities

  • Missouri

Central Missouri Babywearers (on Facebook)

  • Nebraska 

Nebraska Babywearing Alliance Chat & Support (on Facebook)

  • New Jersey

Babywearers of Morris County (on Facebook)

  • New York

Capital Region Sling Babies
Babywearing International of NYC (on Facebook)
Queens Babywearing

  • North Carolina
Babywearing International of the Triangle

Cozy Up Baby: Winston-Salem (on Facebook)
Triad Tot Toters (and on Facebook)

  • North Dakota

Babywearing in Minot (on Facebook)

  • Ohio
Columbus Babywearing (on Facebook)

Dayton Babywearers (on Facebook)

  • Oklahoma

Babywearing International of Oklahoma City

  • Oregon

The Babywearing Network (Eugene/Springfield) (on Facebook)
Corvallis Babywearers (on Facebook)

  • South Carolina

Upstate Babywearers

  • Texas

Houston Wrappers (on Facebook)
North Dallas Wrapping Mommas (on Facebook)

  • Virginia
Babywearing International of Central VA (River City Babywearers) (and on Facebook)

Babywearing International of DC-MD-VA
Babywearers of Lynchburg (on Facebook)

  • Washington

The Sling Lending Library
Whidbey Island (on Facebook)

  • Wisconsin

Babywearing International of NorthEastern Wisconsin (on Facebook)
Fox Cities Babywearers (on Facebook)
La Crosse, WI Babywearers (on Facebook)



  • Alberta

Bridge City Slingers – Lethbridge Babywearers
Fort McMurray Alberta Babywearing group (on Facebook)
Sherwood Park Babywearing Group (on Facebook)

  • British Columbia

Mid Island Babywearers (on Facebook)
Victoria Babywearers (on Facebook)

  • Ontario

Belleville Area Babes in Carriers
Carry Me Close
(and on Facebook)
Hamilton Babywearing Club (on Facebook)
Huron County Baby Wearers

KWC Babywearing Group

Orillia Babywearing
Ottawa Babywearing Group (and on Facebook)
Renfrew County Baby Wearing Group – Petawawa (on Facebook)

  • Saskatchewan

South Saskatchewan Babywearers (on Facebook)

  • Quebec

Mamasupial Montreal



Adelaide Baby wearers (on Facebook)
Sydney Babywearers (on Facebook)



Cheltenham Sling Meet

Cornwall Sling Meet



Athens – Asteraki Babywearing Group (and on Facebook)


We tried to be as comprehensive as we could be, but we might have missed someone. If you know of any groups that aren’t included in this list, please let us know and we’d be happy to add them to the party. We don’t want anyone feeling left out, do we? No. No we don’t.

Are we missing anyone? Do you have any links for us?
Please let us know, we’d love to add them.