Baby Carrier Industry Alliance and Health Canada partner for babywearing education

The Baby Carrier Industry Alliance (BCIA ), an excellent trade organization that we profiled in a past post, has announced its joint babywearing education campaign with Health Canada. The BCIA recognized a need to educate the public about safe babywearing practices. In response to this need, they approached Health Canada to form a partnership. It’s through this joint effort that the two agencies will work in conjunction to produce an educational campaign. The BCIA’s goal is to minimize the already low risk of injury or death while wearing their baby in a sling wrap or baby carrier by providing the education of safe babywearing practices to parents, retailers, health care providers and others.

The BCIA and Health Canada will now begin, jointly, to develop content for print, video and online channels, which will be distributed country-wide.  In addition to reaching out to the general public, the campaign will also distribute promotional materials to Canadian public health centers, midwives and consumer safety organizations, as well as to members of the babywearing community.  BCIA members – retailers, manufacturers and educators – will be able to access the campaign’s resources as well.

This is BCIA’s first joint project with a national public health organization and its first major Canadian-based project. They will be producing several short videos, in both English and French, demonstrating safe babywearing techniques, practices and essentials.

The BCIA is an organization that relies on the support of its members. If you’re already a member of the BCIA, that’s great! You’ll have access to these great educational tools when they’re ready.

If you’re not yet a member, please consider becoming one. It’s a fabulous organization doing very important regulatory work for the safety of our babies and babywearing education for all involved in babywearing.

Happy babywearing!