Super easy DIY Babywearing Halloween costume: The Gardener

Making a DIY babywearing Halloween costume

Looking for an easy DIY babywearing Halloween costume? How about being a gardener? And isn’t it apropos? We nurture and tend to our children just as a gardener…so fitting for a babywearing Halloween costume. Oh, and did we mention how easy it is to make?
Scroll down for more detailed instructions.

DIY babywearing gardener Halloween costume

How to make an easy DIY Halloween gardener babywearing costume.
Detailed instructions:

Start with the materials you’ll need:
– two foam sheets (color of the pot you want to use)
– a bunch of silk flowers (we ended up using 5 silk sunflowers)
– a glue gun and glue sticks
– string
– scissors
– your Onya Baby carrier

Make your planter pot:
– Fold one foam sheet in thirds (horizontally) and glue to second foam sheet (along the horizontal edge). Allow the sheet your gluing to the folded sheet to tuck under the fold. This will make the lip of your planter pot. Use your glue gun to glue the two sheets together.
– Lie your rough planter pot on the floor, place your baby carrier on top and trace the angle. Remove carrier and cut to angle.

Make your planter pot strong and shapely:
– Take two of your flowers and glue the stems along the edges of your planter pot. This will help give your pot shape and strength. Poke holes in each corner of your pot for the strings. You can even allow your bottom strings to go around the flower stems. That will give the attachment strength.

Attach your awesome planter pot to your Onya:
– Tie each top corner string around each shoulder strap and the bottom strings around the base of your carrier. You can feel free to pull them taut and tie them tight. After all, you’re relying on these strings to hold your babywearing costume together!

Put it on:
You’re ready to put on your babywearing costume!
– Make sure you’re in your gardening clothes (nursing? Allow for easy breast access, of course!).
– Put your planter pot babywearing costume on with your baby in it.
– Tuck more flowers between the foam planter pot and your carrier to fill it out. Be sure that you still have good visibility!
– Grab your gardening gloves and hat and you’re ready to roll!

Like this one? Well we have another really great DIY Halloween babywearing costume post coming early next week! We promise it’s a good one.

Have questions about this one? Feel free to add your comment below! We’re here to help!

Happy babywearing! 
Happy Halloween!