Babywearing 101: Super Easy No-Sew DIY Winter Babywearing Cover
Baby, it’s cold outside! Looking for the quick and easy way to make your own no-sew winter babywearing cover? Well, guess what? You probably already have what you need. If not, it’s easy to find, and can be very inexpensive. Better still? If you can zip a zipper, you can make this. For real. Ok, here’s the scoop: all you need is a too-big hoodie and you’re good to go.
Just take that hoodie and put it on backwards. Like this:
Then zip it up. Can’t reach? Just spin it. More on that below…
Et Voila!
Throw on your own winter warmer and you’ve got yourself a cozy coat built for two. Lovely!
Super easy!
Some tips to remember:
ALWAYS be sure to keep your baby’s face uncovered. NEVER zip your baby all the way inside any fabric so that your baby’s face is covered. Doing so will result in a lack of oxygen and could cause serious breathing concerns for your baby.
Feeling like a hoodie isn’t going to cut it? Then use something warmer! A big backwards fleece works well, too. Just be sure it’s got some stretch to it. It will make all the difference when it comes to comfort.
Your winter coat doesn’t have its own belt or won’t zip over your baby? No worries. Just use a big belt or scarf to keep your own coat closed and the cold out of your coat.
Can’t reach behind your back to zip the zipper? Simply zip it about halfway while the zipper’s in front (zip to where it’s comfortably snug over you and your baby), then spin it backwards and put your arms through.
There you have it! We hope you find this babywearing tip helpful. Is there anything you’d add? Please feel free to comment below to let us know.
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Now you can stay warm and get out there!
Happy babywearing!