Healthy Living: Gardening. I’ve got a ton of green tomatoes! Now what?

Young tomatoes growing in a garden

Fall is in the air and soon the nights will grow too cold for your garden’s liking. If you’ve got tomatoes growing in your garden, you most likely still have green ones hanging on the vine.

What to do? Why, grab your baby carrier, get your baby on your back and harvest them, of course. Once you get them inside, here are a few different ways you can prepare them (including one made-up version of my own. And it’s good. And easy. Nothing better.).

Mature tomatoes growing in a garden

I like to find a good use for everything that I can. Hopefully, this will help you do the same with those greenies on the vine. So get out there with your little helpers, grab your baby carrier and throw your littlest on your back. Let them help you pick ’em green, bring ’em in, and eat ’em up. Yum! What a great example you are for your children!

Easy-peasy salsa: 2-3 chopped big green tomatoes, some chopped ripe tomatoes, diced onion, splash of lime juice, cilantro, diced jalapenos to taste, dash of cayenne to taste. Cook onion and tomatoes over medium heat until onions are translucent and green tomatoes are soft-ish. Add the rest. Cook, covered, for another minute or so. Let cool. Eat with tortilla chips and avocado, or whatever you like to put under your salsa. So good. So easy. I’m a pinch-of-this, shake-of-that kind of cook, so please pardon the lack of detail. Eye-ball it, use your nose. It’s hard to mess up. Promise.

Bowl of fresh salsa made from garden vegetables

Do you wear your baby while tending your garden?