Give your child your presence…

Give your child your presence more than presents. Your child will learn that they’re important to you. Your child will learn the importance of human connection over connection to material things When you talk with your child, get down to their height, look them in the eyes and really listen. You’re teaching your child that they’re worthy of being listened to, and you’re teaching your child how to listen to others as they develop and grow. You will also know and understand your child in a deep and unique way, as you should.

Mother gently kissing baby in Onya Baby Carrier

Listen to, learn and strive to know your child. You will always be the best person to parent your child. You will always be the best person to show your child how to treat other people as they grow. An apropos truism: your actions really do speak louder than your words. Let your actions shout your love for your child to the rafters. The days are sometimes long, but the years are short. Cherish them now and truly listen so that they might understand what it is to be cherished and listened to…and pass that on to those they love in their own lives.

Happy babywearing!