The Outback baby carrier: perfect for warm weather babywearing

Carrying your child in a sling, wrap or baby carrier has so many benefits, not the least of which is the ability to make your life as a mother or father much easier. As we know, it frees your hands and arms so that you can get things accomplished while still allowing you to keep your baby close and safe and exactly where your baby wants to be: with you. But what about when the weather warms up? What then?

Well, we’ve designed the Outback specifically to be cooler in hot weather. Both your baby and you will feel more comfortable when the baby carrier you’re using is made of material that’s highly-breathable, keeping you both cool as cukes.

Mother with child in Onya Baby Outback Carrier

The body of the Outback is constructed of durable, abrasion-resistant, mini-diagonal, rip-stop nylon coated on the inside with water-resistant polyurethane (PUL). The lining is the same as what’s used in cloth diapers, which mean it’s water-resistant while remaining breathable. The mesh inside lining is Air Mesh, which is polyurethane foam, topped with woven nylon. It’s highly breathable and wicks moisture away from your baby and you. You and baby stay cooler and drier. We designed the Outback baby carrier this way because it makes it lightweight, breathable and very durable. Onya Baby carriers (the Outback and the Cruiser) are designed to function like technical hiking backpacks, which can carry heavy loads comfortably for long periods of time. Your baby’s weight rests on your hips, not your shoulders. Your back, shoulders and baby will thank you for it!

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 Tell us: how do you beat the heat while babywearing when the weather gets warmer?