How to breastfeed your baby in an Onya Baby carrier

It’s super easy and fast to breastfeed your baby in an Onya Baby carrier. And when you wear a top that gives you and your baby easy access to your breasts, it’s even easier.

Have a watch and you’ll see…all it takes is a few quick adjustments and your baby will be ready to latch on and you can continue about your business. The nice thing about nursing your baby in your baby carrier is that the more you get used to it, the easier it becomes. You’ll most likely discover that most people will probably not even realize that you’re breastfeeding your baby, even when you’re in a busy place. With the sleep hood up, your baby might even fall asleep. Nurse your little one down to sleep without being tied down. Pretty awesome…

Because sitting on the couch nursing your baby for hours?
Yeah. Ain’t nobody got time for that.
Hands-free nursing is where it’s at!

Happy babywearing!