How to use your Onya Baby carrier as a portable travel seat for Baby.

Did you know that Onya Baby carriers are the only soft-structured baby carriers that come packed with a portable seat for your baby? Have you ever been stuck playing “pass the baby” while the adults at the table are trying to eat? It’s not easy. Well – huzzah! – with your Onya, you can kiss that game goodbye. You never know what your baby might need a seat, and with your Onya Baby carrier, you’ll always have your travel seat for your baby. Very handy, helpful and stress-free!

Onya Baby carriers converts to a high chair

It’s easy and fast to transform your Onya into a safe travel seat for your baby. We made a video about it, which walks you through from start to finish. We also made a helpful step-by-step infographic to show you the steps. You’ll find it below.

Whether you’re out and about, traveling, or in a restaurant with your family or friends, you’ll be set for snacks or meal time.  Just make sure to use the positioners (seen in step 4) to place the seat properly so that it comes up under your baby’s armpits, and your baby will be well supported and secure. Follow easy the how-to instructions and your baby will be sitting in a safe chair, and you’ll have your hands free. Never be stuck without a baby seat again! Less stress = happier parent.

How to convert Onya Baby carrier to a high chair

Onya Baby: the chair you can wear.
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