Hot Weather Babywearing: How to Keep Cool in your Carrier

Tips to keep cool while babywearing in the summer

Babywearing is awesome for countless reasons, but there are some things you need to keep in mind when summer babywearing. We’d like to share some ideas with you on how to keep cool in your carrier so you can keep having your babywearing adventures, even in the heat of the summer.

Make use of a parasol or umbrella

  • Sounds simple, right? Well, it is! And you’ll be giving you and your baby portable shade. You’ve already got your hands free to carry one, and people have been using parasols for countless years, so why not jump in and join ’em?

Dress yourself and your baby lightly

  • You may even decide to let your baby keep cool in just a diaper or just a diaper and onesie.
  • Try placing a lightweight towel or muslin receiving wrap between yourself and your baby.

Take babywearing breaks

  • If either you or your baby feels too hot, simply take a babywearing break to cool off. Find a shady spot or go inside to some cool, air conditioned locale until you’re ready to roll again.

 Keep hydrated

  • We all sweat more when it’s hot out, and it’s important to replace that lost fluid. Whether you’re nursing your baby or not, be sure to keep both yourself and your baby well hydrated. Drink plenty of cold water and allow your baby to drink to thirst, whether it’s water, your breastmilk, or whatever your baby is drinking.

Mother breastfeeding child in Onya Baby Carrier

Use a baby carrier designed for hot weather babywearing

  • There are a number of great summer-friendly wraps, slings and baby carriers out there. A mesh or linen sling, gauzy summer wrap or a soft-structured baby carrier designed to take the heat – like an Onya Baby Outback or NexStep, which are both lined in moisture-wicking Air-Mesh designed to keep you and your baby cooler – are all great options for keeping cool while babywearing.


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Happy summer babywearing!