Looking Back & Looking Forward: Babywearing in the New Year

It’s been an exciting year here at Onya Baby. Although there’s been behind-the-scenes action for the past two years, we finally launched – officially – this past September! It’s both a challenge and great joy, this endeavor we started. See that picture below? From left it’s Aleshia Rickard, Billy Rickard, and Diana Rickard Coote. We’re family, and it’s given us such a wonderful opportunity to grow closer and taught us so much along the way. We’re thrilled to be here and have many thanks to give to everyone who’s helped us along the way, and to you, reading this. We wouldn’t exist without you.


The core of the Onya Baby team at our official launch. September 2011, in Louisville, Kentucky at the ABC Kids Expo


We have some exciting things planned for this coming year. There’ll be fun contests for you to enter – with chances to win  great prizes (hint: you’d be able to use it to carry your baby close). There’ll be new accessories to keep an eye out for that will make your babywearing experience even better, and more opportunities to try an Onya Baby carrier for yourself in more locations as we add to our store locator list and help lending libraries build their collections for your trying pleasure and education. Currently, each Babywearing International lending library includes an Onya Baby carrier in its collection.

We believe in what we create and we deeply believe in the benefits of babywearing. It’s one of our top priorities to bring you products that will make life with your baby easier, more comfortable and really close. Life’s an adventure. Bring your baby.

We really love your feedback and want you to know that our ears are always open. If you’ve got ideas, comments, suggestions or concerns that you want to get off your chest, please just let us know.

So…tell us: will you be babywearing in 2012? We know we will.