Onya Baby Cruiser Colors

Driftwood calm embraces as you step off that last wooden step to sink your toes in the welcoming sand. The waves kiss the shoreline as the vibrant sea swells; water as blue and as clear as any sky. This is, universally, one of nature’s strongest pulls and greatest beauty: the ocean.

Inspired by the unmistakable weathered pearl grey of driftwood and the vibrant, lively lapis blue waves, meet the newest additions to the Onya Baby family: Pearl Grey and Lapis Blue.

Woman carrying baby in Pearl Grey Onya Baby Cruiser

Wear your baby wrapped in pure calm and gorgeous color. Here at Onya Baby, as steeped as we are in California’s coastal beauty, we were moved to capture our love of the sea and seashore in two new colors in the Onya Baby Cruiser Collection.

We hope you, too, feel the calm; feel the energy, as you snuggle your baby in close in super-soft brushed cotton. We hope you feel inspired to grab your Onya and get outside and into the beauty of nature, no matter where you are.

The sun, the fresh air, the peace of the ocean or the calm of the trees – this is what sustains us. This is what keeps us focused, healthy and strong.

Woman carrying baby in Lapis Blue Onya Baby Cruiser