What’s about to land at Onya Baby?

Have you been wondering when you’ll be able to use your Onya Baby carrier with your newborn? Curious about the new Onya Baby colors? Needing to know about the NexStep, our brand-new, revolutionary recycled carrier?

Well friends, the wait is almost over! Here’s a little sneak peek of what’s about to land here at Onya Baby:

Troy with child in Onya Baby NexStep baby carrier

The Onya Baby NextStep has all the awesome features you’d expect from your Onya Baby carrier, only it’s constructed out of 100% recycled fabric with an Air-Mesh lining. Not only is it super-soft, durable and breathable, but the fabric has been given a new life.  We’re offering the NexStep in two luscious colors: Warm Sand (shown above) and Java (a rich coffee brown). Now you can feel good about wearing your baby while doing good for our earth. Little footprints are good, aren’t they?

The Onya Baby Booster innovative new baby carrier infant insert

The Onya Baby Booster. Not only does the Onya Baby Booster infant insert allow you to use your Onya Baby carrier from the beginning, but it also acts as a booster for your baby inside your carrier. As your baby grows, simply loosen the snaps to lower your baby until you don’t need it anymore. Smart!

This is simply a sneak peek of the new goodies that are almost here. We’ve got new colors (you asked for black, we’re giving you black!) and new pricing to offer you, too.

Keep an eye on our shop page and on your favorite Onya Baby retailer’s shop pages. As soon as they’re in, you’ll see all your new choices.
Happy babywearing!