Onya Baby Carrier Review: Simply Real Moms

Review by Erin from Simply Real Moms:

Simple Real Mom with child in Onya Baby Carrier

“Who says you can’t have it all? Need a baby carrier that doubles as a seat–you’ve got it with Onya Baby Carriers! I love the Onya Baby Carrier and the fact that it offers the seat option. It is perfect for the on-the-go family who wears their baby for a walk to dinner, or possibly a walk in the park and then stopping at a coffee shop, because you can take your little one out of the carrier and use it in a chair. No need to carry anything extra and no need to worry about how clean (or not clean) a high chair might be!

Onya Baby makes award-winning soft structured baby carriers that are comfortable, well-designed, and can be worn on your front or back. Each Onya Baby carrier incorporates an integrated chair harness, which allows you to quickly, easily and safely transform almost any adult chair into a safe seat for your baby.

The Onya Baby carriers can be used in three ways—front carry, back carry and as a seat. This is the only carrier I know of that can be doubled as a seat! The seat feature makes it perfect for parents who don’t like to take a stroller along, but fear they won’t have anywhere for their infant or toddler to sit at a restaurant. The styles are all very gender neutral, so you can wear your son or daughter, and both moms AND dads can feel comfortable in this carrier!

Mother with child showing the versatility of an Onya Baby Carrier

As you might already know, I am a huge fan of infant and toddler wearing. The benefits of keeping your little one close are numerous. I’m always on the lookout for soft, structured carriers that are going to support my toddler and be kind to my shoulders and back. I love the Onya Baby Outback for summer because of the air-mesh lining, which helps keep my son and I both a little bit cooler! I wore the Onya Baby Outback all day long at the zoo one day this summer (when it was in the 80s!) and we stayed comfortable. The shoulder pads are also nice and padded, so they don’t dig into you, even with extended wearing!

Some of the features I like best about the Onya Baby Outback (and Cruiser) are the width of the seat and height of the body. This carrier has a seat width of 16″ and a body height of 18″ (with the headrest up)—wider and higher than the other carriers I own. Now that my son is almost two, I love having those extra inches there to have a more secure feeling. The Onya Baby soft structured carriers are designed for infants 15 lbs and three months or older, up to 45 lbs.

Another feature I can’t live without are the zipper pockets for storage! I like to carry as little as possible, so the more places for me to stick my keys, wallet or tissues, the better! The Onya Baby has two zippered pockets—perfect!

The Onya Baby Outback is a carrier that holds up against the test of time with a toddler. It’s very sturdy and since it’s gender neutral, can be used for any new babies in the future!"

Thank you, Erin, and the whole Simply Real Moms team! We’re honored.

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Happy babywearing!