Onya Baby is WHO-Code Compliant

Did you know? Onya Baby supports breastfeeding mothers everywhere. We’ve entered our second year as a proud member of  the C.A.R.E.-WHO Alliance.

WHO Alliance and Onya Baby Logo

The “WHO-CODE” is short for the World Health Organization’s International Code of the Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes. The C.A.R.E.-WHO Alliance program and its seal rewards and recognizes businesses that protect healthy infant feeding by marketing them to moms and the media.  All of our Allies pledge to uphold a core set of criteria — the Best for Babes Credo and the WHO Code (see below) – which has the added effect of raising mainstream awareness of the WHO Code and of the importance of positive messaging for breastfeeding. The Alliance also enables Best for Babes® to work collaboratively to advocate for moms through the formal support of a variety of stakeholders.  And it potentially provides a long-term solution to providing ethical funding for public health organizations, e.g., The American Academy of Pediatrics, the World Health Organization.

Happy babay breastfeeding

Onya Baby and all members of the C.A.R.E.-WHO Alliance program have committed their financial and public support of the protection of healthy infant feeding, and contributions include the following:

  • Helping 250 moms who called in to our Harassment Hotline (1-855-NIP-FREE) the first national hotline of its kind. Moms who are harassed, bullied or discriminated against for nursing in public or at work get support from Michelle Hickman, Director of Best for Babes Activism and the “Target Nurse-In-Mom,” and her staff of four volunteers, all of whom have experienced harassment or discrimination themselves. They get comfort and compassion (many are emotionally traumatized), information about their rights (we refer to legal counsel when appropriate), and suggestions on how to strengthen legislation in their area, connect with local advocacy groups, and get involved in our cause.
  • Helping grow Best for Babe’s Celebrity Cabinet to include more Champions for Moms, such as athletes Laila Ali and Gabrielle Reece, actresses Jenna Elfman and Kaitlin Olson, and Mrs. US Beauty Juanita Ingraham. By being in the spotlight, these celebrities are in the position to bring awareness in support of breastfeeding.
  • Raising awareness among mainstream expecting and new moms about businesses they can trust to truly protect healthy infant feeding in the media:  The C.A.R.E.-WHO Alliance and each of its 2013 members were featured in the Number One spot in Fit Pregnancy’s 25th Anniversary Editor’s Page Coverage (Aug/Sept 2013):  Best Reasons to Have a Baby Now. The Alliance is the first Seal of Approval program for businesses that truly protect healthy infant feeding by following the WHO Code and Best for Babe’s Credo.
  • Putting breastfeeding on the national fitness-for-a-cause map to urge America to get behind breastfeeding with the first annual We’ve Got Your Back, Babe (WGYBB) fitness challenge.
  • Helping grow Best for Babe’s online reach, making it the largest breastfeeding nonprofit in the social media space.  We’re helping to bring breastfeeding back to the mainstream, Baby!
  • Increasing awareness of the power of human milk through the Miracle Milk™ Fund, which raises funds to bring donor milk to babies in critical need. This Mother’s Day Best for Babes is extending the Miracle Milk campaign and hosting the First Nationwide Miracle Milk™ Mother’s Day Stroll. 

Mother front-wearing baby in an Onya Baby Carrier

Of course, we believe that babywearing and breastfeeding are two great things that go great together!

We’re honored to be in great company and will continue to pledge our support to all mothers who want to breastfeed their babies – whether it’s for six weeks, six months, sixteen months, or more – by helping to overcome the “Boobie Traps” that can derail their efforts to reach their breastfeeding goals.

Did you encounter any “Boobie Traps?”
Comment below to tell us about them.