A New Onya Baby Toddler Carrier?

Is Onya Baby releasing a new toddler carrier? Nope! We don’t need to release a new toddler carrier, because Onya Baby carriers have always been excellent toddler carriers!

So, what makes an Onya such a great toddler carrier? There are a number of reasons:

Looking for a great toddler carrier? An Onya already IS one!

From the high supportive back, to the cushy, angled leg padding for your child, to the excellent shoulder and waist support for you, an Onya truly is built to last. But what happens when your child’s legs aren’t completely supported knee-to-knee? Is that ever ok? Because there will come a time, if you wear your baby Onya for long enough, that, although they’ll still have excellent under-knee support, they won’t be completely knee-to-knee.

According Arie Brentnall-Compton, well-known babywearing expert and co-founder of the Canadian Babywearing School:

“Once a child can stand up and walk independently, they have shown that they have developed their spinal & muscular structure to the point they can fully support their own weight.  The fully supported bottom/thighs that is so important in the earlier months is no longer needed for a baby to be well positioned in a buckle carrier.  Instead, we are looking only for a carrier to seat the baby in an M position, with the knees above the bum.”

And guess what? Even if your toddler grows too big to be completely knee-to-knee supported, your Onya will continue to support your baby in that “M” position as they grow well into toddlerhood and beyond!

We hope that helps explain why we don’t need to release a “toddler” Onya carrier. The biggest bonus? There’s no need for you to buy a whole new carrier when your baby becomes a toddler! Babywearing perfection!

So, get out there and #wearthemOnya
Happy babywearing!