Quick baby carrier washing tip

How to wash your baby carrier: the easy way to keep the straps from tangling.

It’s always best to spot clean your baby carrier as much as possible, since that’s what’ll keep your carrier in the best condition for the longest amount of time. But babies are messy, aren’t they? Sometimes you simply have to machine wash your baby carrier. Well, when you do, here’s a handy little tip to keep those straps tangle-free: use a pillow case!

Quck washing tips for your Onya Baby Carrier

How to wash your baby carrier: 
1. Buckle the straps of your baby carrier
2. Toss your baby carrier in a pillow case and tie or zip the top closed.
3. Wash in cold water on gentle (and NEVER use bleach or any other harsh cleaners)
4. Dry on extra low heat or air dry.

And that’s it! Super easy, right?

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Happy Babywearing!