Small Business Week: Support your Community

Caribou Baby Storefront

In honor of Small Business Saturday, we post a plea: shop your local businesses, shop small businesses.

Inside of small babywearing business

Our communities are where we live, laugh and live our lives. It’s where we connect to one another and where we raise our children. Each and every small business in your community is owned and operated by a family. Many of the baby-related companies, whether it’s a small boutique, an on-line store, or a baby carrier or cloth diaper manufacturer, was started by a mother looking for a better solution for her child, or looking for a way to stay home with her child or children while still trying to provide an income for her family. We were started by a mother, too. Onya Baby carriers were originally designed and sewn by a babywearing momma. Mothers are, largely, the backbone to the small, baby-products related business movement. So much so, that there is even a well-known term that’s now widely used and understood to describe them: Work-at-Home-Mom or WAHM.

Inside of Tiny Tots Store

All of us are here to provide our communities with unique options, well-designed thoughtful products and excellent customer service and support. We, as a small family business, appreciate you, the Onya Baby babywearing community. Without you, we wouldn’t be in business. We’re here for you.

Please check out our store locator to find small family businesses near you where you can go check out what they have in store. They are all family run. They want to provide great babywearing support to help you find the best baby carrier for you and your baby.

And here we are, the Onya Baby family team (below): Aleshia Rickard, Billy Rickard and Diana Rickard Coote. As you can see, we’re all family here at Onya Baby.

Team Onya Baby

We – and all small businesses – thank you deeply for your continued support.

Happy babywearing!